Commuter Rail Map - Need Metro, BMTC and HSRL Connection/Transit Point Information.

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As IDS and others had mentioned, the Praja Demand Report for 'Namma Railu' (Bengalury Commuter Rail) is in finishing stages of realsing it to the GOK, GOI and Media agnecies. The release is planned for 1st week of July.

As a supplementary efforts, a commuter rail map is being developed and is in drafting stage. We are looking for following information:

  1. List of Metro Stations
  2. List of BMTC's Transit Centers (TTMC), Major Bus Depots/Stands
  3. List of HSRL stops apart from Parad Ground, Hebbal, and Yelahanka

Don't need to write the big list. Just web links to the pages or the websites would do.

Contact me for any question.






Interchanges, impending disaster

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HSRL is only 3 as we know it, Police parade grounds adjacent to chinnaswamy, Hebbal, Yelahanka

TTMC: Yeshwantpur, Hebbal.....

Metro Interchange: Yeshwantpur, Kengeri, City....

Hopefully all these infrastructure are within walking distance to each other otherwise we have a major major issue on our hands. Crores of rupees are going to be wasted on Metro, TTMC, HSRL etc. Unfortunately these cant be fixed after they are built.

Surprised I cant find more TTMC's close to railway stations. I am pretty sure they are useless where they are getting built. I know both Hebbal & Yeshwantpur TTMC are not walkable distance from the stations. 

Metro Route Map!

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Metro Route Map



 No names on these TTMC. Are

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 No names on these TTMC. Are they accurate? Where is the Yeshwantpur TTMC?

  Hi, Can you give me the

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Can you give me the names of the existing stations marked in this map. It's
too small to read even after magnifying.


Kejal Patel