Take the bus - Feb 4

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4 Feb 2010

Simple event with simple goals. Take the bus for your commute on Feb 4. Try it, and then tell the world (via a survey) why you wouldn't take the bus more often for your commute and solve two problems for the city - congestion, and air pollution.

As part of the event, let us fill out the survey in reasonable numbers (to indicate what would it take for City/BMTC etc to make us take the bus), and then pressure BMTC/City to work on some.

We will work with BMTC and Traffic Police to make some special arrangements for the day (Shuttles, bus lanes at few crowded places, and few more - ideas welcome).

Watch the Bus Day project on www.praja.in for details, or just join it to help. The survey would be online pretty soon.




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As was suggested earlier, a dry run may be tried a couple of weeks in advance with only the BMTC Management and staff witout any speacial arrangements to get a good idea of what is missing.


I'd say focus on one thing

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Its about the bus first, BMTC later. Not that they don't need to be criticized, but let us avoid getting into BMTC criticism mode here. Focus on spreading the message about Bus, congestion, Environment connection would be a good goal. More the awareness and attempted usage, more the pressure on BMTC to deliver even better.

Let us spread the word, get some special arrangements from BMTC for the day, and as part of the Bus Day, have 3000+ people survey done, results of which would be be given to BMTC to create some "pressure" for them from "potential users" most of which would be car owners.

That Right....

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I agree , let us focus on Bus day and ask every one ( BMTC, OFfices etc ) to do their best including passengers.

The Idea is to show that if More people take bus on that day what is the change they see around them and is it worth it. Let say if this can felt that

1.One can Breath at Marthalli Signal

2.  One ca feel that things are moving fast but there is no rush.  In other words traffic is moving faster but there is rat race between cars. 

Of course, apart from the BMTC special effort, every passenger must be ready to some adjustments like 

1. They may have start little early. 

2. They may have to walk  ( good for health) 

3. They may have to stand because of too many people might be travelling

But all we have to project is there is lot more to gain in short term and long term. Every one has to understand that Cars are not long term solution in fact, in near term it self they can see the impact of deterioration happening. It is highlighted that 80 country heads were present in Copenhegan and it is not a joke. they have seen some thing very disturbing. They will agree on it sooner or later. 

Companies providing shuttle to nearest bus stations

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 My company is located at Doddenakundi on the ORR between Marathalli and KR Puram. Although we have BMTC buses stop near the company, Volvos are less and there is no direct connectivity to most of the localities. KR Puram as well as Marathalli has got better connectivity to most of the areas. Our company runs shuttle in the form of Tempo Traveller to and from company campus to Marathalli and KR Puram every hour. 

From KR Puram, few take train to SBC too. This has helped to reduce the last mile connectivity problem.


Bus Day

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A welcome campaign to reduce traffic congestion on the roads even if it is for one day.

However please avoid giving the impression that it is EC/ITPl centric. I don't work at ITPL or EC and do not find any communication to tell me that any effort is being made to provide facilities to other destinations that would make this campaign successful.

If it is only for EC/ITPL asa  pilot let us make it clear to all so that there is no confusion.



BMTC Website back to old avatar

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 I visited www.bmtcinfo.com and it is back to its old form (the one before the so called upgrade).  This should have been fixed before the bus day so that people could use this to plan their travel.  Hopefully before the next month's bus day.


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.