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More signal free madness

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More signal free madness from BBMP.  And this is going to cost Rs.2500 crores.  Saw this in but could not source the newspaper.

"Commuters who have to put up with tiresome waiting at traffic signals in the city, could be in for some relief.
The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) hopes to make 12 major corridors, including Cubbon Road and Rajkumar Road, signal-free for improved traffic flow in the city.
The initiative, which is likely to cost it Rs 2,500 crore, could help save vehicles travel time and fuel, and reduce noise and air pollution."


"The 12 corridors which will be made signal-free are the Dr Rajkumar Road from Yeshwanthpur Junction to Okalipuram (5 km), Chord Road, from Mysore Road Junction to CV Raman Road (10.5 km), Magadi Road, from Chord Road to Outer Ring Road (3.5 km), from Mysore Road Junction to Central Silk Board Junction (14.5 km), Central Silk Board Junction to Vellara Junction ( 6 km), Bannerghatta Road, from IIM-B to Wilson Garden (9.5 km), Vellara Junction to Whitefield via Varthur and HAL (13.5 km), Agara lake to Sirsi Circle via Lalbagh Fort Road (8.5 kms), City centre to Kengeri via Sirsi Circle (15.5 km), Yeshwanthpur industrial area to Hebbal, between NH 4 to NH 7 (6.5 km), Mekhri Circle to Benniganahalli via Jayamahal Road (12.5 km) and Cubbon Road to ORR via Kamaraj Road, Buddhavihar Road and Hennur Road (7 km)."

a. What e.g. happens at Vellara junction?  what happens at Kamaraj Road/MG Road jn?  All the traffic will pile up there as it happens today at Nrupathunga Road/KG Road jn.

b. Mysore Road to Silkboard - we are still stuck with incomplete underpasses at JP Nagar and Kadirenahalli. 

c. Where does this leave the pedestrian?  I have seen the plight of pedestrians trying to cross Bellary Road near HQ Command and just before Mekhri Circle. 

As usual BBMP views our city as a network of roads and a thoroughfare with little regard for aesthetics.  Just look at the Basaveshwara Circle or KR Circle today.  




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Where does this leave the

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Where does this leave the pedestrian?  

We should be really worried about this. A road improvement program HAS to provide a plan for pedestrians as well.

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200 skywalks and subways planned

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Read more at expressbuzz.

200 skywalks and 200 pedestrian subways planned.  Fine - but they still need to plan pelican signals for senior citizens and the physically challenged. 


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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compensate pedestrians

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The skywalks should have escalators. if the vehicles wants to go without signals the pedestrians also should be compensated.

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ellection gimmick..

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Shouldnt the EC stop these people making foolish not think its even worth discussing cos the only intention here was to get to the papers..i suppose!

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this is Big10 corridor thing, rehashed

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Skywalks, 100 bus stands, satellite town ring roads, peripheral ring roads etc etc.

We should take an announcement seirously only if it come along with dates, and a name of the neck to choke if that date is missed.

On less aggressive and serious note, I think this is the "Big 10" corridor project, part of work to create dedicated lanes for Big 10 buses. Depending on the newspaper, the journalists could have penned it.

The questions to ask is this. Are we being guaranteed dedicated bus lanes, nice bus stands and some clear return-on-investment from public transport point of view?

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My grandmother used to promise me the moon, if I eat (vote)

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/The questions to ask is this. Are we being guaranteed dedicated bus lanes, nice bus stands and some clear return-on-investment from public transport point of view?/

Some people can fool some people some time; some more can fool some more people most of the times; but the present government is fooling all the people all the time by promising everything, including a 200 storeyed building, when unscheduled power cuts, dirty water in taps, flooded and pot holed streets, inadequate health care, PELICAN lights that keep blinking even after the speeding vehicles have knocked down pedestrians, waking up gods in old temples to provide better infrastructure, homas, vrathas (I have never heard men offering Baaginas when dams are full - according to Karnataka custom, only women offer Baaginas at the time of Gowri Habba and other festivals)  when death is staring in the eyes of people, officials ask people not to panic and listen to rumors, when simple fogging and spraying are not carried out even occasionally... whom are they foooling?  

The above apply mutatis mutandis to all and sundry in power.

Is there anything right going on in Bengaluru now a days?

Since Prajas guidelines have to be followed, let me stop at this...  I am a deadly optimist and an old man in a hurry ...

- vasanth mysoremath

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co-ordinated signals - something more immediate...

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What happened to co-ordinated traffic points that was once planned? Is this still in the cards?

I am a regular commuter on ORR from Banashankari to Marathalli. I am frustrated by the unscientific manner in which signal points are managed especially starting from BTM entrace point to Silk Board junction. Only if all the 4 points that come in between can be synchronized such that if i get a green light at  BTM junction one should be able to get green all the way through silk board and across.

I am sure many folks would have come up with similar thoughts.

How can one convey this to traffic department?

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Rajajinagar corridor

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"Foundation stone" for the Rajajinagar signal-free corridor has been laid. As pointed out (bottom half of page 1), roads and corridors receive a disproportionate amount of attention and funding (same at Praja too ;-)). comment guidelines

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