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Mysore Lamps Land


I read today that the Mysore Lamps Factory Land on 8th Main Malleswaram is to be converted in to new government office space.

Does anyone know if its possible to fight this and get the land converted to a park, for example ? There is no park space  in this Malleswaram and this would be an ideal location as it will benefit residents of Malleswaram as well as residents of Rajajinagar, Yeshwantpur etc. Ideally they could develop this as a park as well as develop a nice trail along the railway line.

Building office space for government offices will completely destroy the neigborhood as it is essentially a residential neighborhood. There are also going to be a lot more residents in the area thanks to the massive Brigade Gateway and related projects.

Does anyone know what to do in order to attempt to have this done ? 



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less government, please!

More government offices - whatever for? All economists of any standing are unanimous that less government is the way forward.

A good park at the location should indeed be the first choice.

Muralidhar Rao
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percentage of the land..

can be park and the rest can be govt offices..say 20% can be alloted to govt offices and rest 80 % be the park..

The metro station is less than 100 mts away and so the FAR can exceed limitation of 4 floors there..let them have 10 floors with adequate basement parking..

Its good to have govt offices in parks cos they put extra effort to keep the park neat and tidy

.. also ppl use parks in mornings or evenings when the govt offices are closed!

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Joint Usage


I think joint usage as a park + govt office will not work as they will deny entry on grounds of `secrurity' etc. But perhaps some sports facilities can be built there.

Anyway, I have no idea how to go about doing anything about this - all I can do is send emails to various organizations in the hope that someone will help me. It seems like everyone is in support of such a thing but no one knows what to do  - though I think that is the situation with all the solutions to Bangalore's problems. I was wondering if any one out there has had some experience in this matter and knew what one could try to do.

I did contact Malleswaram Swabhimana Initiative and they said they would help by petitioning the local MLA so lets see what happens. Recently there was a park in Malleswaram which was to be converted to a hall by the BBMP - they were leasing out the land to someone else - but it was saved by the timely intervention of the residents and Mr. Ashwath Narayan, who was the former MLA.



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Is real estate the Mantra? Create Carbon sink in this part..

If one looks at the topography of this area, one can find that a huge carbon spewing urban monstro-city mega housing complex has come up between Metro and 8th Main of Malleswaram.  Enough greenery that was existing has been removed and it does not augur well for the city's environs.

It is therefore, imperative that this stretch of land housing the Mysore Lamp Works with its good greenery around may be developed as carbon sink to offset the carbon footprint of the mega structure nearby.  

It is better for the Government to have a sense of responsibility with regard to climate change and its global repurcussions and not to embark on creating carbon footprints in the name of constructing huge monstrous buildings for housing the so called government offices that are scattered and in any case not rendering the required services to the people.  

Lot of space under occupation of Government buildings is being wasted in the existing government offices to dump records/old vehicles in the compounds (State Excise office in Nrupathunga Road etc, is an example).    

Every action that is being initiated appears to be directed towards construction activities for spending huge moneys in the name of development.  

Many public sector undertakings today are in occupation of very valuable real estate.  Karnataka Implements and Manufacturing Co. Ltd., (under BHEL now) Karnataka Vidyut Karkhane Ltd on Mysore Road,  NGEF land in Byappanahalli, Mysore Lamp Works in Malleswaram and tomorrow it may be Soap Factory in Yeswantapur area

- Of these, NGEF is a gone case - Are the others being forced to become sick and become cases for Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (BIFR) for gobbling up eventually?

- Vasanth Mysoremath  

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write to BBMP


Best thing would be contact more active RWAs of the area, and to write to BBMP asking for details of the plan.

BBMP's email addresses are on their website.

Who all did you send emails to? Internet is not so popular yet for networking purposes, RWAs are not setup for people who work 9x5.

Share what you do, regardless of whether you get anything done or not. That is how we learn from each other.


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Emails etc.


I wrote emails to,


The eemal ( executive engineer malleswaram ) email bounced back immediately - apparently his mailbox is full. The email to the  commissioner went but there was no response. I've written several times to eemal - regarding encroachment of footpaths by builders. In fact I even handed in a physical letter. Nothing has come out of that, so I'm not too optimistic about his help. The commisioner seems like a good chap - but I guess his hands are quite full.

What is an RWA ? I'm guessing Residents Welfare Association ? I guess Malleswaram Swabhimana Initiative is one of them - and the person I emailed seemed quite interested in doing something - so maybe something might come out of it.




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How about Suresh Kumar

 yes..the law minister..I was a young lad when his beard was still dark..he was very approachable then..he should be that way even now!

Hes a local guy around rajajinagar/malleshwaram area..he should be able to help or provide directions..

His email id is

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Save the Green Cover

Hi everyone,

I very strongly feel that the Mysore Lamps  factory area must  have it's green cover as is.  In a way I am happy that if the government continues to have it's hold on the land, the land will not be eaten up by land sharks, and there will be no commercialisation of that space. Even if government offices are going to come up, it must be done so by maintaining the trees and green space. The old factories must be converted to office spaces by modernising the interiors, but keeping the exteriors intact. After all, Mysore Lamps is one of the oldest factories our city has had - and it holds an important place in our heritage .

Sneha Prasad

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How historic?

 The old factories must be converted to office spaces by modernising the interiors, but keeping the exteriors intact.

This should apply to most historic places in the city. Is there a list of really historic structures which still exist and needs to be listed somewhere to preserve and work around them? How old does a structure needs to be to be of any historic value? What kind of structures need to be preserved?

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Emails had no effect.


I emailed several people - from Suresh Kumar, as suggested by blrsri, to Meena and eemal@bmponline - with no response from anyone so far. I also wrote to someone at Malleswaram Swabhimana Initiative who expressed some interest and said she would call me but so far has not. I'm leaving tomorrow for a month, so perhaps will try again when I get back - if the place still exists ;).

I havent really been in the land so cannot say anything about the inherent historical value of the buildings - but I cannot imagine that they are in good shape given that the factory has been in disuse for a while.

To be honest I think all these email addresses/numbers the BBMP are, in my experience, just PR on their part. The eemal ( executive engineer malleswaram ) address simply bounces back saying that his outook mailbox is full, so clearly he hasnt checked it in a while.  A couple of weeks ago they took out a huge full page advt in some newspapers with all the numbers of the various people concerned with various things. I called up the people in Malleswaram in regards to some encroachment of the footpath by builders issue - after talking to them and writing a physical letter as well - and they told me to call some other number - who told me to call later etc. Seemed like they were passing the buck around.





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There are very few breathing

There are very few breathing spaces that are left in our cities, prime properties are either being gobbled up by IT park, malls, office spaces.

I also think that Mysore is so famous for its lighting industry why not delelop this industry into a global scale industry. There is huge demand in the Western world for projector blubs and lamps and we can cater to this business. This will allow us to keep the industry alive and earn enough money so that we do not have to relocate.

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Sir, were you able to


were you able to finally lodge a complain? I hope they officials changed their decision? comment guidelines

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