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Metro south reach extensions for phase 1

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Saw this metro tender in newspapers last week that read: "Construction of Elevated Structures (Via Duct) from RV Road station (excluding Viaduct portion) up to Puttenahalli cross (including) and Construction of 3 Nos of Elevated Metro Stations in Reach-4 extension on South Side". Here is a link to the tender document, careful its a 2.2 MB file.

We are talking three stations:

  • Banashankari
  • J P Nagar
  • Puttenahalli cross

Total length of extension is 3.91 km.

Total estimated amount is Rs 262 crores.

Correct me if I am wrong here, but in the past, for most of phase 1 work, weren't there separate tenders for construction of viaducts, and for the actual stations themselves?

Total duration of project is 24 months. That is two years from the date they start. Expecting the tendering process to take 2-3 months, we are looking at 2011 end for this phase 1 extension to be complete.

I was looking to technical specifications and drawings for the 3 new stations. This tender document mentions them (supposedly part of package 2 of the tender documents - "Part I - technical package for elevated station works"), but those packages are not available on the Metro website.

More as we dig and read.

  • Any mention of the hot topic -  "trees" !?
  • Any new clauses to deal with delays that have been in the news recently?

Read and share if you notice anything interesting in this document.


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See this thread also..

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Gantt Chart for Metro?

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Btw does BMRCL maintain a Gantt chart or something similar for the project?

Its just bits and pieces of information on the delay we hear from the papers..more from the meetings Sivasailam has with the press..

It would be ideal for BMRCL to have it on the home page of their portal itself! 

About trees..its useless to think about them anymore from the BMRCL angle..

They are here to run trains..thats all! 

Trees will be BBMP/TFF job after the completion of the vandalism!

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Trees and BMRCL

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blrsri, yes, BMRCL should rightfully run trains. The trees should be taken care of by the BBMP, BDA, etc.

I believe it is about 2-3 lakh rupees to transplant one tree to another nearby location.

We have the Laxman Rao gardens alond the Nanda Theatre road. Can not the BBMP or the BDA take the responsibility for this transplanting..? GOK can and should fund it.

We can also have some Corporates chip in or even High Networth Individuals contribute for 1-2 tress..

BTW, does anybody know how the trees that were transplanted from MG road to Parade Grounds faring..?

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About tree transplantation..I feel its too elaborate and not worthy..why I feel this way?

Its cos if we ask the forest dept to plant some honge/rain tree saplings(6 months) today and mark it for the time metro is ready..the saplings will be 2 years old atleast and if they are planted with the right landscaping then..the trees will flourish soon!

Rain trees grow very fast..its just picking the right variety!

btw I was just telling what Sivasailam would say abt the trees in my earlier post..thats not my personal stmt.. 

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No meaning in protesting about anything that BMRCL does...

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Everything peters out.  Plan, alignment, design, project nothing will change because too much of public money has already been ploughed.

It is fait accompli.  

Anticipating a disturbed scenario of public/commercial life of citizens living on the aligned route in Mahakavi Kuvempu Road, I anchored  the very first public meeting in association with the Traders body on Mahakavi Kuvempu Road and active participation by the then MLA of Rajajinagara Mr.NL Narendra Babu in Dr.Rajakumar Kalakshetra, in Rajajinagar for a meaningful dialogue between public and BMRCL officials (Technical Director and other officials, Corporators, Traders Body leaders and hundreds of citizens attended) a few years ago (date does not matter now because BMRCL is running behind schedule).

Before the meeting, we requested the officers of the BMRCL to walk the talk from the very first proposed BMRCL Metro Station in Yeswantpur, down Mahalakshmi Layout, Navarang, MKK Road terminating at Srirampuram Railway Underbridge.  This was followed by a public meeting at Dr.Raj Kumar Kalakshetra when majority of the traders and those affected residents who had to surrender their ancestral properties took part very actively and the BMRCL officials had no right answers.  The MLA tried to placate the public but in vain and the meeting ended in a highly charged scenario.

One thing that was made clear or rather threat perception issued by the BMRCL officials was that every day's delay would increase/escalate the cost by Rs.50 lakhs.   

The news at 8.30 PM today the 13th instant was that while carrying out rescue operations in Delhi Metro fiasco, the cranes that were helping catapulted and more damage done.  Such is the expertise of our Indian technical experts.

I would have preferred to travel by my rickety BMTC blue/white ordinary bus even if it was taking a few hours to reach my destination rather than undergo this kind of messy situation when I am alive.  

For whose sake this kind of development is taking place and why this kind of destruction of greenery and falling flat on the face in the last mile approach by half baked execution experts and sufferings for aam aadmi are being plastered is not fathomable.   

But change is the essence of life and development is a continuous process. 

My two old naye paises for METRO. 

- Vasanth Mysoremath   


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One Pkg for South extension - Experience Gained ?

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SB /Others,

I think I can guess why BMRC is tendering out stations along with viaducts in one pkg for the extensions & possibly also for all future metro ph-2 & ph-1 extensions :

They are behind schedule - difficulties might have been faced with co-ordinating the viaduct & station construction by separate parties & this might lead to further delays. I have been noticing that the SV road station construction began long after the pillars along OMR had been completed, though tendering had been completed much earlier.

With the whole pkg awarded to a single party, the chances might improve greatly for faster construction & with less co-ordination activities between BMRC, the viaduct builder & the station builder. comment guidelines

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