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The Sankey Road case study

Wiki page to hold together related posts on Sankey Tank Bund Road widening related developments. The project should be a good case study to understand how BBMP conceives, communicates and executes transportation related projects. Citizens of the impacted area say the project is not justified, BBMP says otherwise. Both sides say they have data on vehicle traffic to defend their stands.


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Civic activists arrested - CAF condemns it

Mr N Mukund, CAF spokesperson has issued a press release as worded below:

Citizens Action Forum (CAF) condemns the arrest’s of Civic Activist’s –Dr Meenakshi Bharath, Mr. Suresh Heblikar and others who were protesting against BBMP’s drive to cut trees for widening the Sankey Road .It is unfortunate that instead of conducting public hearing and presenting the details to public on the proposed project, the authorities have taken unilateral decision and started cutting the trees. It is shameful that professionals / respected citizens have been arrested for not agreeing to the decision of BBMP

Earlier excercises have shown that  Road widening is not a solution to ease traffic congestion in Bangalore  and tax payers money is lost .The entire traffic management should be looked holistically not by piece meal approach

Muralidhar Rao
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Tree mafia at work

Yes, it really seems the Tree Mafia's pressure in widening the road.

Check TOI's report.

All 19 trees earmarked for the Sankey Road widening project were auctioned for Rs 1.2 lakh. That's 40% of the initial government bid. Each tree was priced just above Rs 6,000

The trees auctioned includes a rain tree and a quick market survey reveals its timber yield value to be above Rs 5 lakh.

"It's all part of a tree mafia -- there's a direct nexus between tree officers and contractors,'' retired Justice M F Saldanha. "The auction for the mahogany tree on St Mark's Road ten years ago was an eye-opener. It was auctioned for Rs 3,000 but the forest department estimated its value at Rs 23 lakh! Last year, a huge tree at the Cubbon Park entrance was under treatment for a protruding branch. The contractor told me he paid Rs 6,000 for the tree but also paid Rs 50,000 in cash illegally to the tree officer who gave him permission. The timber yield was worth Rs 5-6 lakh,'' he said.

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