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Bangalore - Water

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This is a book to cover various aspects of water in Bangalore.  This will be populated slowly. The goal is to cover the following aspects.  An introduction to Bangalore with information on climate, geography, population, rainfall etc.  The second chapter will contain some information on government bodies responsible for various water resources in Bangalore  The third chapter will cover lakes and othr water boadies.  THe fourth chapter will be a geeky analysis section with some ideas and recommendations and finally the fifth chapter will summarize things out.  All chapter will contain areferences section detailing the source of information as best as possible.


Anybody interested in helping with this document, please feel free to join up.



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response to VKM sir

 Dear VKM sir,

(a) All this about BWSSB is available on the net - why reproduce in bits and pieces - ask the prajas to go through the whole history?

I am trying to learn more about BWSSB from various sources - just documenting my learnings.  As my understanding becomes better, hopefully, the material will improve in future revisions.  Knowledgeable people wishing to contribute with their superior knowledge are welcome to do so.

b) What is the main purpose of post?

At the end of the process, I hope to have a comprehensive source of information about Water availability and supply in Bangalore and learn something myself.

(c) Finally, is the author happy with the water supply - quality and quantity-wise?

I am disgusted with the water supply and management in Bangalore.  But this is not a post for venting.  I am just trying to compile information at this point.

Thank you.

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What is the purpose of this book of gyan?

Author of this post to please clarify -

a) All this about BWSSB is available on the net - why reproduce in bits and pieces - ask the prajas to go through the whole history?

b) What is the main purpose of post?

c) Even if one browses the BWSSB portal and after going through the short write up on Mission Statement and clicks on the 'Achievements' menu in home page, NOTHING POPS UP - Does this mean, BWSSB has no achievements?  - I take it that the website is not updated.

d) There are certain interesting non-achievements that I noticed and I have covered them in my article "Why can't we have clean water in Namma Bengaluru" in Newsmag dated 15-30 July 2009 - extract reproduced below:

The following important points were noticed:
Filtered water is supplied to the city for over 100 years;
- Major source of water is River Cauvery and is situated at a distance of 100 Kms;
- Water is pumped against a head of 510 mtrs from the source in 3 stages;
- Equitable water distribution is maintained
- Cent percent metering of water connections is achieved
- 870 m litres per day in BBMP;
- revenue Rs.37 crores,
- loss due to leakage, illegal connections 36%;
-  regular consumers 52%,
- public taps 16%;
- people owe Rs.246 crores to board;
- Bangalore International Airport alone is consuming 7.93 lakh litres per day.

Quality of water: 

 According to BWSSB, water samples from different service stations of Bangalore city will be collected at the rate of 16 samples per month from the distribution network, consumer end, public taps, ground level reservoirs and over head tanks and sent to the central water testing laboratory for testing for its potability; water will be tested for physical, chemical and bacteriological characteristics. The results will be intimated to the different service stations as well as to the respective water supply divisions, sub-divisions for their information and for further remedial action.

Reality check:

     If the mission statement, as above, is being followed strictly, then why there are many reports of people falling sick due to water borne diseases delivered through the taps that are laced with dirt, sewage mix with one of the highest levels of E-Coli of 65 in Rajajinagar area and it is literally a microbial soup in Shivajinagara area? This dangerous level of E-coli content is in clear violation of WHO/Bureau of Indian standards permissible levels of colliform content – E-Coli in 100 ml water – permissible level 0 to 10.  
Quality of ground water:  

 Apart from distributory network, samples are also collected from bore wells maintained by BWSSB at random and analysed through routine tests including content of nitrate and hardness. If any sample of water is not found to be satisfactory for potable use, the concerned service station will be informed to display a board near to bore well indicating “Water Not Fit For Drinking Purpose”.

Reality check:

    Is this random analysis really being conducted?   What about the ground water quality that is being drawn by BWSSB itself for supply to consumers? 

Has anybody seen such a board near any of the bore wells in the city? 

- Finally, is the author happy with the water supply - quality and quantity-wise?

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