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Property tax thru E-gov is clearly not a Public Agenda

Snubbing the e-gov  attempts Mumbaikars sent only 3 out of 3 lakhs sms for paying ppty tax.
In Blr when the ECS payment for BWSSB bills was made in 2002 or so same response
Is e-gov trying to expand based on buisness or citizens needs.

Civic tax: 3 in 3 lakh SMSed payments

Shweta Desai
Posted: Apr 06, 2009

Mumbai Despite 80 per cent of Mumbaikars being mobile phones users, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation's (BMC) much-touted "payment of tax through SMS" seems to have been largely snubbed. Of the three lakh tax payers in the city, the service was availed by only three, making a total payment of Rs 7,700. After the civic administration introduced payments through internet — which also didn't find much favour with citizens — this is the second such failure for the BMC. 
The SMS facility was launched in January and this enables citizens to pay their property and water tax through cellphones, by sending an SMS with the bill number to the BMC. Only three citizens: two in Narali-Agripada in Bandra (Rs100 each) and another BMC lessee in C-ward (Rs 7,500) made the payment of their property tax via SMS. Officials said the second payment was made as an advance payment. "So technically, there are only two payments against the actual P-tax bill," a senior official said. comment guidelines

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