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Pedestrian Walk

It seems like a Pedestrian Walk has been organized in Chennai:

Indian city plans pedestrian walk

Perhaps its time we organized something here as well. Of all cities in India Bangalore is best suited for walking and biking by the majority of the population - rich and poor. The weather is excellent, a lot of tree cover, and distances are quite short. As things stand a distance of 5km, which should take 20 minutes by cycle takes about 45 mins by car thanks to the awful traffic. Footpaths are unwalkable. Roads are dangerous. No provision for pedestrians to cross. Bus stops are at arbitrary and inconvenient places. etc. - I suppose I dont really have to list the issues.



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a cross-the-road contest?

Thanks for sharing, and good idea about organizing such a thing.

Along similar lines, how about organizing a walking contest that will involve crossing some popular roads. Like, cross Outer Ring near K R Puram station under the cable bridge, walk back towards Old Madras Road junction, cross over to the station side and come back to the station parking lot.

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Cross below Express high way to Electronic City

There is no easier way for people on the ground to cross express way by bus and cycle. One needs to walk or traverse a long distance to cross the elevated expressway as there is no footpath. For example if you got to building say across pier 26, u need to cycle or walk to pier 51 and come all the way back. comment guidelines

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