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Animal/bird Sacrifice in temples

I would like to know how rampant animal/ bird sacrifices in the temples of the city/ Karnataka is. I am a journalism student and am interested in knowing if this is practised in spite of regulations against it. I know of this one temple in Majestic area (Annapoorneshwari temple off SC Road, if I am not wrong) where I have seen fowl in cages in the temple premises, and some of the birds seem ready to be culled. I have seen birds being taken out and their wings being tampered with. Could someone educate me about more temples and such out-dated practices? Thanks...
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Animal Sacrifices Were Never Approved.

Let me start off from your last sentence. You refer to such "Outdated practises". May I tell you that animal sacrifices or torture were never a part of any religious practise in their original form. No religion ever encourages violence in any form. Infact, in many holy texts, and even in practise, animals are worshipped. The problem is that over a period of time and over centuries, certain practises which in my view were somewhere on the edge [I guess it could have been killing of sick/ incurable,diseased animals on festivals to give them relief from pain] mutated and it became a practise to kill even healthy animals everyday. When the Poojaris started becoming greedy and became hungry for meat, probably this inhuman, unforgivable practise developed and even today is continuing in the name of the Lord. Being an animal lover, I feel strongly about it. Shame on those crooks who illtreat animals in the name of God and religion!! Sorry, I don't know of any temple in Bangalore which kills animals. I had read that in Orissa, there are some temples where millions of sheep, goats, cows etc are sacrificed to "Appease" the Lord. comment guidelines

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