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Namma Metro Reach-4 pictures

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Piles being put in place at RV road


skeletal structures for the piles

Concrete being batch tested at location

The first piers coming up on reach-4

The progress done in this reach seems commendable, as observed pier shutters are ready to cast the pillars.  These pictures were taken during our praja meeting this month.  It would be wonderful if someone living in this part of the city could volunteer to track this reach regularly.



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Reach 4 stations

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I can do this as I go on that road quite often.  Question for you - where did you get the data on piers, piles, etc for Reach 1?  Is it on BMRC website?  Is the same available for reach 4?

Also see that the stations are coming up at 4th Block and 40th Cross and at Lalbagh.

Overall - progress is quite good.  I guess land acquisition issues are minimal on the RV Road stretch.  They will happen once the extension work starts from 40th Cross to Kanakapura Road.



Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Data on piers, piles etc

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@Srivathsa:  I gathered most of the info from the newsletter published by BMRC.   The info for reach-4 is not available in the newsletter as of now.  You can possibly write to BMRC for the info for all the remaining reaches.


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RV Road Stretch - photos

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RV Road stretch - one more photo

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I think the progress is at a good pace, though the deadline claimed is totally inappropriate.


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Nice work

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@Nandan:  Nice photos nandan...its wonderful to see the progress in reach4.  Its a model reach where things on schedule...kudos to the NCC.  I suppose this reach will ready even before the corresponding northern arm(reach3) is ready.  We may end up in a situation where the work on reach-4 is complete, but BMRCL will be unable to ply any trains because of non-completion of underground sections.  I hope they have thought through this eventuality and have made arrangements to deal with it if the need arises.

Keep updated with progress n  pictures of reach-4



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Not so Nice..Its like NICE-BMIC...

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The progress on Reach 4 is not as good as the photographs suggest. Its just not as 'nice'. Its more the NICE/BMIC work on the link expressway. The NICE road is almost complete with minor streches pending.

Reach4 is the same story. There looks to be tremendous progress made. But, there is still one property to be aquired near National College. A small stretch (abt 300mts), where the Metro line turns from KR Road to vanivilas Road is yet to start, pending this aquisition. And this one is still in court, i guess..

There is one more 'turn' where work is yet to start - from Vanivilas Rd to RV road. But here, the land has been aquired and the buildings demolished

My fear of this strech is that this might be 'complete' much before schedule, with only a small 'gap' in between. Atleast in case of NICE road, vehicles could continue to ply on the bad streches.. Unfortunately, that wont be possible on broken elevated track!!


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