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Sorry State of Bengaluru Volvos or Vajras

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Sorry state of BMTC's Volvos will get tears in your eyes. All the Volvos are failing on the roads. Many of the buses making various noises such as crank shaft break down, buses giving fatal alarm with drivers still driving the buses. Such a beauty of a machine is being spoiled by BMTC like anything.

Same Volvo city buses are running like a gem in Mysore in  BMTC's sister concern.

Same was the problem with Marcopolo buses. It was never successful in Bengaluru. Same buses are running without any problems in New Delhi including for Delhi Darshan.

There is a major problem with BMTC's maintenance policies or there is absolute negligence and buearacracy which is resulting in failure of crores of rupees of public owned fleet.





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Its Ekroop Kaur maaeent gift.

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Its Ekroop Kaur maaeent gift. I think she is relative of Manmohan Sigh. She is busy with fnding the ways to extract the money from BMTC by leaving no evidence and seding to the Cngress pary through the proper channel. Jus 3 years ago BMTC was profttable wth very good condition buses..





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How is Manmohan Singh related

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How is Manmohan Singh related to this? It is his party colleague Ramalinga Reddy, who is responsible for the sorry state of affairs.

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BMTC wake up.. Take the trunk ridership back with good Volvos

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The trunk route 335E and bit of 500Cs crowd has been taken over by Metro. Metro is too crowded nowadays. If BMTC wakes up and have well maintained buses with dedicated bus lanes, it can increase the scalability of bangalore roads as well as public transport. There should be lot of options for public transport for public to take away vehicles from the road.

I travelled in a conditioned V500C from Banashankari to Marathalli in just 35 minutes last week at aroun 12pm afternoon and reaching Doddanekundi was just another 10 minutes.

Metro on the other hand takes me more time due to the KR Puram Hanging Bridge congestion. You have to hop on and off too many times,crowded, not as relaxing as a bus.

It is time to consider dedicated bus lanes especially between Silkboard and Marathalli to beat the traffic and have conditioned Volvos to take back that crowd migrating towards Metro. comment guidelines

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