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Segregation of 2 wheelers from 4 wheelers

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Yesterday's incident of knocking down a startup CEO Anush Ramani while travelling on a two wheeler by a speeding car making him to loose his bones was shocking.

Similar such accidents where in which ruthless 4 wheeler drivers knocking down 2 wheelers have become very common in Bengaluru and across India. Without efficient public transport and unable to afford and run a 4 wheeler, 90% of population in India are still dependent on 2 wheelers.  I t becomes inevitable for many to run.

For some people, although they have and can run a 4 wheeler, their destination will not  have space for parking or driving a 4 wheeler such as Avenue Road, small gullies of Balepet etc.

If we analyze the accidents, 2 wheelers are safe on inner gullies where cars cannot move faster. They should try to avoid using arterial roads where cars and buses are faster especially the big 10 roads and Outer Ring Road. Nights are highly dangerous for 2 wheelers since the car drivers especially cabbies are too fast and reckless.

Traffic experts talk about bicycle lanes when our bicycles are very minimum or ask to use public transport or to drive a car in an express way. Infrastructure is never  planned for 2 wheelers who form the majority of the country.

Countries like Malaysia, Phillippines and Indonesia do have Motorbike lanes.

This is not physically barricaded in  Phillippines. We would need a physically barricaded motorbike and bicycle lane. In UK, TFL has allowed motorcyclists to use bus lanes (they have sensible bus drivers though).

Cab traffic is very high on the big 10 roads and Ring Road of Bengaluru and they are ruthless. Recently I was travelling near Kadirenahalli Underpass on my Honda Activa on the extreme left, an Indica is continuously honking and tailgating behind me. Whereelse can I go? I was at 60 kph which would be unsafe speed on an Activa. This was totally a nuisance by the cabbie. Many two wheeler drivers might have faced similar such issues by ruthless car drivers and cabbies. 

It is high time for the Government to introduce 2 wheeler lanes to save human lives without 'think tankers' and 'traffic experts' arguing 'this, that,'. Two wheelers are part of every  poor and middle class Indian and a safer infrastructure is absolutely needed for them. 
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