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Red board and Black board - do we still require this classification?

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Today's Bangalore is quite different from what it was 10 years back. The diameter of the city at that time was lesser than what the radius of the city is at present.

BMTC started operating Red board routes as to providing service to areas above 10-12 kms from the city centre that time. These buses had higher fares compared to the black board to dissuade the short ditance commuters from boarding. Some had limited stops(Eg: "H" series as in 2H,36H etc).

Today there is no distinction between Old bangalore and new bangalore. City had just grown in size. BMTC has reduced the cateogories of buses to AC and Non-AC with respect to fares. but with respecto to services??


The distinction of Black board and red board is one major criteria followed today even in deciding new routes-actually same becoming a constrain in operations. EG: There isnt any ordinary between Banashankari and C.V.Raman Nagar-reason-Inner ring road routes being 201 they want a 201 to run-but C.V.Raman Nagar has 314 series operating and same is Red-board. So no connection-the only connector is Volvo or Marcopolo AC.

This issue is not only in that route. Same issue took place in S-1 and S-2 operations because BMTC considered them black boards and operated only AC services.

Today the new buses have got LED boards-a common man will not  be able to identify whether a bus is Red board or black board-the light emitted is going to be the same. Also a person who wants to travel in red board have to pay more despite the fares being same-reason-thats BMTC rule!!

The worst affected in this case are area like Guruppanpalya, St. Johns, Sarakki gate, Geddalhalli/Mekhri circle,Gorguntepalya etc. The black board buses operating in these areas (161,168,98G) etc are so few that people have to travel by red board only.

Again as case where commuters have to fight for justice



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BMTC route numbering

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ss87 - the route numbering (such as black /red /AC, etc) all needs revamping, no doubt.

From what I was given to understand, a major exercise will be undertaken once Metro ph-1 becomes operational in 2012 or 2013. Till then, this old /outdated numbering might continue, I guess.

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Need a total change

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Sir, the BMTC will never change or the they will change. The officials are just narrow minded.

If I go by you, that should have happended by this time looking from the demand point of view.

If the BMTC officials if allot one of its present official to go through this praja, thats more than enough. They will get more than what they need .

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Red Board and Black Board Buses

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The difference between the Black and the Red buses are based on their areas of operations, the Black one operates within city Limits and the Red one operates beyond city limits.   The BMTC issues bus pass for Rs. 500/- which can be used within City Limits for one calendar month and another for Rs. 660/- to travel in all City/ Sub- urban/Pushpak/Suvarna services for one calendar month.  The holders of City Bus Pass are permitted to travel in Black Board buses only.  The City Limits /areas are to be redefined based on recent BBMP sketch.         

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 Looks like some parts of

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 Looks like some parts of BMTC changed and other parts got left behind. BMTC is becoming a complicated animal & if these systems are not simplified the day is not far off when it will become unmanagable and unwieldy

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BMTC will become burden soon once JNRUm funds dries

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Its  true  that with so much demand from Public for PT,  many efforts r made from BMTC,  but major  approach needed with METRO  getting rolled out and with more complex traffic  scene,  and area expanded upto 40 / 50 Kms radius of BBMP & BMRDA region,  BMTC & KSRTC need to come out with new startegy to reach the public with better transport facility

With more roads getting tolled, its even more challlenge for BMTC to look for solutions & not keep entagled with Black, Blue, Red boards.




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Whether you call it a Red

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Whether you call it a Red Board Bus or Black Board Bus, it does not matter to commuters as long as there is no change in fare for the same distance. Our public transport system should provide better facilities in terms of service, frequency and connectivity.

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 @RV Raja Rao Sir, there is

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 @RV Raja Rao

Sir, there is no difference in fares for same distance but at times, as i had mentioned in my blog once, the Red board buses are shorter at times thus becoming cheaper-EG; 25E and 365 from corporation to Mico check post. Also an issue here is the same people for distance are being denied a chance to take the red board bus despite having lesser fare,

Actually BMTC can do one thing-similar to Chennai they have to identify one place each in 4 corners of city and run a bus connecting/touching nearby area similar to what they did in earlier times. Eg: Gottigere in South, Jalahalli cross in north west, Yelahanka in north etc ITPl in east etc and run buses where people can travel without changing. Being a circular city we can also have lots of circular routes operating reducing number of buses required on particular route and also seperate buses can be reduced

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@ RV raja rao

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Sir, with the 500 or city bus pass you can travel in the ALL buses except volvo till city limits(city pass holds good)

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need merging of black board services

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BMTC can certainly overlap/ merge two black board services or a black borad route with red board service.

From the point of stages, no difference b/w black board and red board also the fare is same .


Sir, I UNDERSTAND THAT your statement but look the route the compared routes plying hence the fare is different.  The fare is different becoz of more no. of stages in 25E route as compared to the Bannergatta rd.


Also, the BMTC officials don't stick to the 2KM stage policy. You can observe it it in the route no. 2 itself.

From JAYA nagar 4th block to 15th cross the fare is Rs:8 

           Jayanagar 4th block to RV dental clg the fare is Rs: 6

         Jaya nagar 4th blk to 6th pahse Rs: 10

Like this, we can prove many malpractise done by BMTC

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 Yes-there is absolutely no

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 Yes-there is absolutely no maintainence of the fares-the south bangalore black board routes being the most costliest of all routes i have seen. Till 2001-02 situation was quite okay because jayanagar 5th block was something like a floating stage and 2 had its next stage at South end hence covering the 2 kms mark. But the stage was shifted to 4th block later and hampered everything.

A small corection sir-the fare for 6th phase last stop and 15th cross from Jayanagar 4th block is same Rs.8. I board the bus at last stop everyday.

Yes the number of stages are 25E are more and 365 is less because of longer distance of 365. An arguement in same regard rose in 410C once a  travelled. Fare is 410C(About 2 years back) was Rs.12 to Eastend from Vijayanagar whereas 410 charged Rs.11-in this case both were red board services.

But the main point here is arent people getting deprived of a bus of a lower fare having a pass of higher fares. We dont have the confusing system like Chennai where each bus stops at different stops-here all stop at each and every stop-So why should this difference exist at all-a black board pass holder has to leave out the 215's to travel to J.P.Nagar(215M is the most emptiest of all buses that come this way from majestic)

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@Shashi KumarThanks for

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@Shashi Kumar

Thanks for correcting me. It is also confirmed in the BMTC Website as under.
“For city pass holders, unlimited travel in all non a/c services within city limits”
R. V. Raja Rao
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@ SS87   I wish to share my

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@ SS87
I wish to share my travel experience on circular routes. Year or two ago I boarded the route No: 600 Mini Bus just one or two stops before Hope Farm Circle and purchased ticket up to Tin Factory/Kasturinagar. The Bus reached Hope Farm Circle and it was around lunch time. Both the driver and the conductor disappeared for about 15 to 20 minutes for Lunch.   Since I had already paid for my journey I had no choice except to sit in the bus and wait for their return.    I understand that this route takes approximately 3.00 hours to complete one trip.   
It would be better for the purpose of connectivity to identify few hubs in any circular routes instead of 4 corners of the city.  One of the circular routes between Hebbal to Silk Board, the BMTC can operate from 4 hubs, like, Hebbal, Tin Factor, Marathahalli, and Silk Board and ply the buses from these points to other destinations.    
R. V. Raja Rao
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Black Board and Red Board should be unified

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Now that the city has enlarged, the Black Board and Red Board buses should be unified into one. Instead, we need now SLOW buses and EXPRESS buses (which stop at limited stops only). Also, more stops should be created for SLOW buses.

This would improve the LAST MILE CONNECTIVITY, and also speed up some bus services.

Besides, the fare should be POINT-TO-POINT, and not BUS-TO-BUS as it is now. So, a person buys a ticket, and he/she can change unlimited bus enroute to reach the destination (of course, within a specified time). This principle is followed in many other countries.

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We don't

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I think some people have raised this with BMTC recently. Redoing classification of routes, with focus on Last mile connectivity and creation of express routes as suggested in previous comment seems to be the right thing to do.

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As far as i have seen the

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As far as i have seen the following routes should be re-classified to avoid confusions- its one of the most confusing routes


210, 210B and 210C as 11, 11B, 11C as they run via Banashankari

210A,210R,210U and 210X as 15B, 15D, 15J, 15L as they run via K.R.Road

210D, 210E can be re-numbered as 15R, 15M as they take route fo 15 before coming back to south-end

210F,210G,210GA,210Q as 13L, 13N, 13P, 13R as they come from Shivajinagar

210H as 15K as it takes almost same route to shivajinagar

210J,210KA, 210KB, 210N, 210W as 31A, 31C, 31E, 31F, 31G as they go via Thyagarajanagar to Padmanabhanagar and beyond

210Z, 210ZA as 15N, 15S as they also take K.R.Road and return to Banashanakri and go to Kadirenhalli Cross 

Atleast confusion in minds of people as to which bus goes where will reduce comment guidelines

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