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Monorail or Metro ph III?

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BMRCL is buoyed by the approvals they have received for ph II implementation that they have gove ahead to plan for ph III by initiating the study with RITES.

And the other very interesting development that has happened in the last few days is the Mumbai monorail going is a picutre of the train inside:

This is almost as big as our metro coaches and the capacity is claimed to be 600 people for 4 coaches.The capacity of metro is 1000 per train (3 coaches).

The most interesting part is the ticket pricing, it is cheaper than the metro ticket prices in Bangalore!! Infact the starting price is half of what BMRC is charging.

One of the early issues we in Bangalore had about the monorail was that they were trying to price tickets as expensive as auto fares. This would not be viable for passengers at all. But if monorail can be setup and run like what it is being done in Mumbai, it would be the best thing to happen for the metro feeder routes..afterall why would one need a metro line in Hosakerehalli/Srinivasanagar?



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Metro on ORR in Phase III a waste of money

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Metro on ORR in Phase III is waste of public money, instead we can go for sustainable BRTS.

Amount of metro could be used to connect various localities of Bangalore to trunk Metro using Monorail.

Also, instead of ORR Metro, a Circular Metro on this alignment:

or mono could be done.

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20 years away?

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The problem with planning of public transport in India is we fancy names and the likes of metro gets the advantage as it seems nice and quick..

Never do we start with the on-ground problems to arrive at the sollution..thats why we push metro anywhere and everywhere!

DMRC screwed up ph I and ph II DPR, now they are letting RITES do it for ph III...DMRC had no clue of what Bangalore needs were and so is RITES..and unfortunate we rely on them!

Mumbai metro is opening in next few will Hyd one and the Jaipur one..we will still be grapelling with tunnelling issues even in 2017 for ph I..

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PPP Monorail would be great option like Mumbai

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We cannot wait till 20 years!! So Monorail on PPP model like Mumbai for connecting trunk Metro as well as trunk route monorails is a very good option. Their survey would be right since they cannot afford to incur losses rather than allowing Government to decide on route.

BRTS on ORR and wide one way Roads, as well as commuter rail probably with A/C fleet could solve this problem within 4-5 years.

Government is simply pushing problems with only long term planning. comment guidelines

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