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Bellanduru is 2,500 years old!!

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Was very surprised to read about the history of Bellandur lake in The Hindu the other day..

The little village of Bellanduru, around which the suburb has grown, has a history that dates back 2,500 years. One of the annual reports of the Archaeological Survey of Mysore State talks of ancient Iron Age tombs discovered on the lake bund.

In 1965, as many as 256 Roman coins were discovered from HAL Airport close to Bellandur. These Roman coins belong to Roman kings Augustus and Tiberius who ruled in 100 AD.

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So that means that Bangalore region really was a centre for foriegn trade even way back during the roman age!!

This makes the case to make this lake area a heritage site and do things to bring out the importance of this historical place!

There was an effort which started last year to heritage tag few lakes in bangalore, Bellanduru was one of the lakes and not sure if this history was the reason behind the tag. However some fecing work started last year, discussed here on Praja, but no idea what is the status of that..

Is there a way to take this cause forward with these newly reported findings?


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hi myself Mahi newly registered for this site ...

I found this site very interesting and knowing more BLR is always like fun.
Like all of u, I am also an ardent fan of BLR and expecting that it should go green as it was in the past very soon ... 

I was very surprised to know Bellandur dates back to 2500 Years back 

Thanks for sharing the news,

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Hope and Opportunity for Praja

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Researchers from the US  have come forward to improve seven lakes that are linked via Koramangala valley. 

 The project will also cover reviving connecting lakes such as Agaram, Bellandur, Varthur, Madiwala, Devarabisalahalli, Doddanekkundi lakes. This will take care of a fifth of Bangalore's stormwater drains too.

“A top brass working for an IT company walked up to me and recalled her stay in Bangalore. She narrated how she used to be saddened seeing the plight of Bellandur lake on her way to Outer Ring Road for work. Many like her want to be a part of this project. The RWAs will be involved too,” he added.

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Time to get this straightened out..calling Murali Sir, PSA sir and all interested..

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Way to go

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Every time I drive with a guest along the Bellanduru bund road they exclaim what a magnificient place it COULD be. The lake is still very imposing & beautiful. All that is needed is place to walk & sit. Not too much concrete. Of course cleaning up. We shouldnt let this go down. More power to Vivek Menon & his ilk. Like VM road hope he does a good job of this too.

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Car Parking

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Forest department made a big car parking lot in madiwala lake. If that is done people can park and sit inside cars in case mosquitos are there. But half the shore of bellandur lake is owned by iblur military area. That aside, unless sewage bypass pipes/channels are constructed on lake shore, there is no scope for good water in bigger bangalore lakes. comment guidelines

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