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Car Mileage and more!

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Was at the service centre the other day and was discussing ways to improve mileage of cars. One of the thoughts that came up was with the visits to the petrol pump. My habit is to have less than quarter tank full at any refill point(on my daily commute)..

I got a ' ah you do that?! ' kinda cynical smile from the sales guy..who was like you own a sedan and cant even top it everytime?

Its a known for a fact that going low on fuel helps in better mileage for sure..cos of one thing..your vehicle is lighter and lighter the vehicle better is the mileage! This is also evident from the F1 races or WRC where the vehicles go faster and longer because of being lighter!

Continuing on the thought of improving mileage, especially for cars..following are some points which can help:

  • Alloy wheels are not just for show-off, they are lighter and contribute to mileage
  • Remove all unwanted items from the car, a cleanup will reveal lot of unwanted items which will inturn lighten the vehicle
  • Dropping car spare wheel could also be an option..btw arent we having puncture resistant wheels now? Also how many times in the past have we changed wheels inside the city? I never have in the last 10 years!

Request to share thoughts and experiences on this..will surely help many!


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Good and useful topic. Will

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Good and useful topic. Will contribute with some points on this.

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when to fill fuel?

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early mornings is considered to be the best time to fill fuel because of higher density..which inturn will affect mileage..thought to a small extent! 

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M-I-L's are usually heavy!

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Note to myself - Good excuse to give the wife, as to why one cannot give a lift to her mother! 

Thanks Srinidhi!

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Remove all unwanted items

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Remove all unwanted items from the car, a cleanup will reveal lot of unwanted items which will inturn lighten the vehicle

Must include passengers, heavier than pen & paper junk :) nice excuse to not carpool

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'pulse and glide'

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Pulse and glide works like this: let's say you're on a road where you want to go 60 km/h. Instead of driving along at a steady 60, you instead accelerate to 70 (that's the pulse), and then coast in neutral with the engine off down to 50 (that's the glide). That's it. Rinse and repeat. And repeat. And repeat...

Cant really do this(turning off) in ciities..we can do 'mild P&G' but just taking feet off the gas pedal

@IDS : maybe thats a good enough excuse to get carpooling with the petite versions!! :)

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fuel weight is less

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A car has fuel capacity of 40 litres that is 40kg compared to 1000 kg kerb weight of whole car. So keeping fuel low doesnt matter much. But that is not the case with F1 cars, which are carbon fibre with less kerb weight, also they consume more fuel so fuel tank is bigger, f1 another reason is it improves handling of the car not mileage. comment guidelines

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