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Like BTP's Public-Eye, why not BBMP as well?

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Traffic Police just launched "Public Eye" (discuss that on Rithesh's old post here). I was wondering why BBMP too can't have similar system where one can take pictures of byelaw or public space violations and upload to BBMP. People wouldn't want to supply their own details (for harassment reasons) on BBMP version of Public Eye, but such a system could help increase awareness on construction and public space usage norms.


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BBMP has Spandana.

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but spandana is different, no?

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Good point Naresh, spandana itself can be used, but need something more direct, something like "report a violation", and it should not require any user registration. Requirement would be minimum two pictures of the spot/building, and an address. If the photo is geotagged, the website can show and confirm the location/appx area.

Once any such violation report is "accepted" by BBMP, it can make the picture public, so that these become the benchmarks or examples for anyone else to understand what violations are.

Non seriousness around building norms has killed Bangalore (slight exaggeration, but yes). Its high time some enforcement measures that involve citizens are taken up. comment guidelines

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