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Is Yeddy misusing BMTC buses?

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Wouldn't you like to know if Yeddy is paying from his pocket for the self promoting Ads that are appearing on the back of BMTC Buses? If Karnataka government is paying for these ads, then what is the justification for this spending? Even if there is a legally justifiable reason, why should these ads have full body picture of Yeddy?

What is your stance on these half or full body ads claiming progress or announcing ribbon cutting ceremonies, common in newspapers, and now on the buses? Why shouldn't GoK just use the logo of government, and that of the relevant department, and at best list the names of those want to take credit for "development"? And then, put out data / numbers / graphics that support the claim. Purpose of all spend by government's information department is to tell us the "what" of development, and not the "who" of development. We all know who is the CM, and what government is in power, we are not that dumb.

And last, back of the Bus is a lucrative ad space for BMTC. How come this space hasn't been tapped that much, and Yeddy or GoK got creative? In general, why is BMTC unable to sell ad space on its buses when ad hoardings are fighting for legal and illegal space all over the city?


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I would hate to see these paid by anyone other than BSY or his party. If it is our money, we have all the right to resent.

This proliferation of full page ads in our newspapers, mostly filled with faces and names, and possibly illegal banners is really outrageous. This trend is something new for sure, I don't recall encountering as many in the late 90s and early 2000s.

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Good RTI to file?

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 This is worth asking about.

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Ad indicates its govt. funded

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 I do not see anywhere the ad mentions as sponsored by  "Karnataka BJP" or "Yadiyurappa". Instead, it is official ad from Karnataka News (Kannada:ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ವಾರ್ತೆ) , a govt. organisation. This means taxpayer's money gone in for advertising certain "faces" for free throughout BMTC. No surprise if KSRTC and government hoardings (like ones in front of Taluk Offces, Bus Stations) are used soon. 

I believe Karnataka News (Kannada:ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ವಾರ್ತೆ)  organisation is supposed to be used for alerting/educating public in various fields like health agriculture etc. Sadly, I dont find any official website for Karnataka News (Kannada:ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ವಾರ್ತೆ)  which is supposed to be a govt. broadcasting medium. Did any one find it?

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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BSY's Apologies

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Agree - the no. of ads & posters across the city have increased alarmingly in tune with the no. of "de-notifications" !

The CM appears to imagine that public backlash against nepotism & corruption would be softened by publishing all these.

For such "aplologies", he is better advised to use his own personal resources - not state finances.

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that's why you have the public sector

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This is another "Raison d'être for continuance of the Public Sector"

Muralidhar Rao
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Karnataka news website

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here is the website

No surprise, it has photos of BYS, Katta and Manmohan Singh (!) prominently on its front page.

I laugh and cry simultaneously when I see this 'advertisements' page. Same 'cutout' of BYS adorning all the ads by the department.

I think they should rename the department to 'propaganda' department.



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These posters have become a

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These posters have become a regular sight on blue buses plying on ITPL road.

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 The posters are really an

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 The posters are really an eyesore- buses must not be used for the same-earlier we had a surround advertisements on Volvo buses-now these have cropped up behind each and every bus-once removed the area where it was pasted becomes a dirty patch-also a person has never utilized his own money but only tax payers money for all achievements or whatso ever was made during the regime-there is absolutely no reason for advertizing the same anywhere

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How much does it cost us (the tax payers)

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18 out of 26 buses I encountered today on my way to work had these advertisements on their rear ends. This count includes pushpak and new Jnnurm types, but excludes the volves and morco-polos (none of them had them - thank God). 

A very small sample, but let us extrapolate and see where it takes us:

5000 odd buses. Let us say 4000 are ordinary types.

18/26 * 4000 = 2769. Say 70% are on the road = 1938.

How much will you pay if you want to put your company's logo? For that 3ft x 4 ft space - I have no idea. Say Rs 5000/- per month per ad? That is Rs 96,90,000/- per month!

Wonder how much does Karnataka Vaarthe pays? The difference is paid by us (tax payers) one way or another.


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These ads are literally riveted to the shell of the bus! They really want it to last for ever.

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Yes, all blue buses

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Looks like all blue buses have these on their backs now. Since the focus of these is rural development, this is possibly targeted at upcoming local and panchayat elections.

This is absolute misuse of either a publc corporation (BMTC), or our tax money (karnataka information) for building public image of an individual.

This beats the UPA chairman pictures that we see on central government ads. What is UPA? A political coalition. Only thing these sarkaari ads don't carry is the party name (because then they would cross the line). Central government ads cross that line.

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RTI - to Karnataka Information

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No point posting RTI to BMTC. Should post an RTI to Karnataka Information asking

  1. how much spent on these BMTC ads.
  2. how much spent on other hoardings where large prints of these ads are also being shown
  3. what are the guidelines for putting names and photos on the "ads" put out by them
  4. what is their annual budget, and how do they divide it between these ads and other budgeted activties


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If it is votebank

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... then these have turned extreme. See this: Votebank Ads?  Used to monopolize the news media. Now on the buses too!

BTW, I never received any reply to that email mentioned in the last post. comment guidelines

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