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RGIA - Hyderabad International Airport Rated best for service in the world

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The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) here has been rated world's number one airport in terms of airport service quality.  "RGIA has been ranked number one in the category of airport handling 5 to 15 million passenger by the Airport Council International, a world body that conducted the survey. We are happy to announce this," RGIA, CEO, P Sripathy said here on Tuesday.


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and BIA is rated the 'jathaka stand'

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Hyd is rated 5th best in the whole world..thats an even better compliment!

On the contrary..BIA is being called a tonga stand..actually the old horse stand at malleshwaram circle was also better!

- sigh -

Zurich apt on which our apt was modeled is rated 2nd region what went wrong with BIA? Everyone was intersted in making the quick!

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moral of the story

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The BIAL consortium was led by a Zurich based company whereas the RGIA consortium was led by the local (and professional) GMR group. This probably led to their commitment flagging, particularly when faced with the kind of political intrigues that were played out during the project stage, apart from the economic upheavals. Whatever, as PRAJAgalu have almost unanimously voiced (check here), comparisons to a jhatka stand etc are largely politically motivated.

What is amazing here is the speed with which Indian companies have acquired capacities to become world beaters in fields that have been opened out to them just a few years back (Delhi airport also figures on the top of the list in its class), which then brings us to the 'moral of the story' - PRIVATISE, leaving the government to concentrate on functions that it alone can have the mandate to discharge. And, with that the size will reduce and efficiency will improve - check this. To quote Gurudev Tagore - "to that heaven of freedom, my father, let my country awake"

Muralidhar Rao
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Re: Moral of the story

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BIAL has something to learn here and still have time to make it happen. Since GVK has taken  a stake in BIAL now In my opinion BIAL can rethink the whole plan for the next phase and create wonders out of what's existing.

The existing terminal and the airport in general is great but it sure fell short of expectations for many. Privatize and also be sure to be competitive. When Brunner was running the show he made comments that BIAL was a functional airport.. That could have been achieved with some money well spent on HAL but an airport is an experience and that should be like a dream.  The basic reason to build a new airport in Bangalore was to create an experience and handle the ever growing traffic and support economy. I think the local governments interest in thinking outside of the box is very important to conceive and execute big budget projects and have a long term plan for it. 

Still hoping to see BIAL emerge as a top destination in the near future. comment guidelines

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