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Suburban Rail info

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Commuter Rail

@Srinivas Alavilli  thanks for compiling all these stations , so impressive

The stations are ready.

People are ready.


When will GOK and Railway Minister  wants to work for Bangalore ???  Now Infrastructure ready but still  Mind is not ready from GOK and Railway Minister to run suburban rail for Bangalore



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well Compiled Campaign for Local Train

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See how close an existing

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See how close an existing Rail Link goes to the Airport? All it requires is to spend very little money, to develop parallel tracks, buy some fancy coaches, and set up an Airport Link express on this very Railway track, without acquiring fresh lands, or cutting trees, or spending the exchequer money.

Thanks to whole lot of people  taking it forward on serious efforts

#Bekubeku #RailuBeku #chukuBukuBeku #LocalTrainBeku
Commuter rail for #Bengaluru !! #BekeBeku!
#SteelFlyoverBeda !


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The project shall need to be

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The project shall need to be viewed differently. It shall have to be operated more from the point of view of connectivity to mofusil towns. I don't see it becoming a mode of transport within Bangalore city.

I think, hourly trains between 6:00 AM and 11:00 PM to Mysore, Tumkur, Bangarpet with stops at all the existing railway station within the city could be a good start. Suburban rail along the lines of Mumbai with dedicated lines seems like a pie in the sky project at this point of time. The challenges around the expansion of SBC are far too many and GOK seems to be more than intransigent and inflexible to initiate efforts around this regard. 

A twitter handle, which apparently acts as an unofficial spokesperson for the honourable CM made a remark to the effect that progress on the proposed Commuter Rail project was tardy mainly on account of pedantic bureaucracy, slacking officials and skewed priorities of SWR. I would say that this is a case of the kettle calling the pot black as GOK too has been guilty of the same lapses. 

Land acquisition within the city also remains a problem. Minimal efforts are required to kick start these services. The modified suburban service, which GOK and SWR are talking about shall end up being a failure. Extending the trains to Bangarpet and Mysore respectively on the Chennai and Mysore lines respectively shall obliterate the necessity for KGI-Mandya and BYPL-WFD services. I suppose, BYPL could be used for Bangarpet and GBN for Mysore along with YPR for Tumkur. 

If not, the project shall die a slow death just like Delhi Ring Railway. There have been innumerable studies and surveys on the proposed Semi High Speed rail between Bangalore and Mysore. If the result fructifies and the proposed Semi High Speed Rail becomes a reality, then we can bid goodbye to Namma Railu.
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The new policy by the Modi

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The new policy by the Modi government could signal a death knell for new suburban rail systems. The onus is now completely on the state government.
 A very brazen u turn and renege of the poll promises made in 2014.

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