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Double Decker Intercity Train between Bangalore to Mysore

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SWR is planning to introduce the double decker Train between Bangalore to Mysore once the coaches are made available from Rail Coach Factory (RCF) in Kapurthala to increase the passenger capacity.

Air-conditioned double-decker coach are running on trials on the Delhi-Moradabad section a few months ago

This should help passenger travelling between Mysore to Bangalore and catching flight at  BIAL, by extending these trains upto  BIAL. Trumpet Loop / Terminal of BIAL building.


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But how are the working of

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But how are the working of these trains-Flying queen express is a completely double-decked train and running on th eElectrified line of Mumbai-Surat. but comfort level? We have to check that out. We earlier had them running in Brindavan Express in the late 80's and also in the Mumbai-Pune sector later removed because of inconvinience. Now it has been planned to re-introduce them. We have to check the comfort level from passenger point of view.


We can have a train from Whitefield,Devanhalli and Nelamangla to Mysore once the doubling gets over. Till then it can be better utilized on devanhalli route. 

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I have to agree with IDS on this

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I have travelled in a double decker train when I was in New Jersey and it is very comfortable and takes double the load. it should be a boon to commuters betn Bangalore and Mysore.

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The gallery is

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 I was in New Jersey and it is very comfortable 

Not the same quality, consequently the cost works out many times cheaper 

The RCF gallery including internals  is here

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SWR ought to build a terminal

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SWR ought to build a terminal in South Bangalore for Mysore bound trains. comment guidelines

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