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Modernised Hubli Railway Station & Local Train

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DRM of Hubli Division of SWR Mr Adesh Sharma informed that new Building of Hubli station will be ready by this year end. It will have 6 platforms with sub way connecting all platforms with Escalators. Bus shelter will be made at the entrance of Sub Way. .Cost of this upgradation is Rs 12 Crore.

Also Multifunctional complex with PPP is planned as this was sanctioned during last budget.

This was long pending  for SWR head Quarter. With all this faciltiy Hubli Railway Station will  be really great.  Now its for the  MP's & MLA's to pursue the SWR & Railway minister to start the Local Train between the Twin city.  If local trains are introduced, then station utilization will really improve.

Now Dharwad station also  need to be developed similar to Hubli. 



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dharwad stn is small. iirc 3/4 platforms. its very ldyllic but small with low volumes. hubli -dwd trains for some reason has not caught up. ubl is in downtown hubli, but dwr is off center. pretty accesiible to univ (tracks actually meander through univ campus) and all. but quite a ways from business district. infact it is bang in the middle of a residential area.

another thing. main thing dwd are colleges and courts. most colleges are along the highway. with only the univ and couple of the colleges off it. years ago buses used to ply directly from hubli to these colleges off the highway. colleges on the highway, there are very frequent buses.

ofcourse this a biased view. there are other passenger profiles.


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Local Train for Hubli Dharwad

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Regarding Local Tarins for Twin City Hubli Dharwad :

Dharwad has 3/4 platforms only. This need to be increased as all trains stop at Dharwad.  Local Trains very much needed to cater all types of passengers.

Next to Railway track  on Hubli Dharwad, we have Educational intstitutions : This will be of Student passengers & staff of these colleges.

1. Karnataka University   2. BVB Engineering College  3. SDM Medical and Dental College 4. SDM Engineering College  5. Karnataka University. 6. K I M S

Second type of Passenger profile are office going residing either at Hubli or Dharwad and travelling to other part of the city.

Thrid type of Passeneger Profile are : People who are travelling  outside city via Train,  those who are residing near to the railway line will prefer catching local train as they enter the Railway station either at Hubli or Dharwad. Being Hubli junction where  many trains are orginating from Hubli to Gadag  or to Bangalore.  Passangers of these trains will be great use to them.

Fourth type of  Passenger Profile : Those who rae taking treatment or visiting  Hospitals at KIMS, SDM Medical & Dental College

Fifth tyoe of Passenger profile :  Thouse who are working in small factory, Daily working class who are travelling  to  Loading Yard at Navalur, For Railway projects,  Loading yeard of APMC at Navanagar, people coming from Halaiyal or Dandeli can get into local train at  Haliayal Road crossing near Karnataka University.

With SWR Headquarter, NWRTC Head Quarter, High court Bench, Agricultural University  and Karnataka Law University at Navangar, many peopel will be working in these places, they need good transport. Once the Local Trains are started, then traffic congestion on Roads of Twin City will come dowan to crtain extent which will help  traffic volume to come down on the road.

 Finally Local Trains will go a  long way in considering the Future of Twin City Development.

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Business case and Numbers

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What are the numbers like? There needs to be some sort of business case to make the point better, isn't it. How many people commute between H and D today? How do they do it without a train?

If this is a welfare project then you will have a lot more competition for money inside SWR.

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Estimated population of Hubli dharwad is more then 10 Lakhs &  its being major Commerical  Trading & Agricultural Trading center with major Medical Centers KIMS & SDM Medical & Dental Hospitals with Coleges

Existing system to travell between the Twin City  : Thier is Local Bus Transport system from KSRTC. This system exists  from last 3 decades.  From last 4-5 years their is  private transport system by Bendre Transport which runs along with KSRTC  local buses. 

Then few passanger trains running across the Twin city and going to Gadag are used by office going people for travel.

If you happen to be in Hubli station during 6 am to 10 am in the morning,  passenger density is very  high. this is due to lot of Govt office & daily workers coming from the passanger trains and getting at Hubli station. 

KSRTC local buses starts  infront of the Hubli Station itself to cater to the Passenger moving to others parts of Twin City.  Every 10 minites, buses play from Hubli station to different parts of Dharwad. 

Also their is huge passanger movement to Karnatak Institute of Medical College ( KIMS ) as this is only Govt Big hospital in North Karnataka & SDM Medical college also is big one.

With High court bench at Dharwad for north Karnataka, and Karnataka Law University coming up at Hubli have added traffic pressure in the Twin City.

Student density is very high due to the fact that  3 Engineering college, 2 Medical College,  2 Dental College, Karnataka University & Agricultural University.

With SWR head Quarter & NWKRTC Head Quarter.

  I feel the passanger traffic is very high. Every  locla buses either KSRTC or  Bendre Buses go full during office time, their is hardly place to stand in the buses, similar to BMTC  sitituation.  

As the Twin city is growing with further Medium to Large industries coming  up their,  we need get the Local Trains. comment guidelines

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