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Who will clean the bridge? - Kadugodi Railway Pedestrian Over Bridge - a HSE issue in the making!

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Very soon we will be celebrating the 1st birthday of the Kadugodi Pedestrian Overbridge.

Each time I visit and walk through it, I remember the efforts done to have it a reality.
Like every other government or public sector initiatives, this too have its own perils and problems now.
First and foremost is the accumulation of waste all along. A day after a rain, it is very difficult to walk across due to the smell of the decomposition of leaves and other materials, including excreta of human or animals!
Lack of adequate lighting facilities are another problem that is dangerous to all, especially women and children who has to use it during late hours.
Add to it, the line up of small time vendors, who are increasing one by one and making it there own!
Who will do the regular maintenance and cleaning of the bridge? may be a question asked between various authorities involved? Is it the BBMP who is responsible? Or is it the Railway authorities? While they continue to discuss and delay before coming on to a decision and action, let us join hands together and do something urgently.
October 2nd  (Gandhi Jayanthi) is nearing. Why not include the cleaning of Kadugodi Railway Pedestrian Over Bridge as one your Social Responsibility activity associated with it.

Thanks to Sri Balasubramaniam of Golden Blossom Apartment who pointed out to this HSE issue in our area.
Ramesh Menon
15 September 2014



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@Menon, good observation and citizens need to show the way

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Like earlier Ugly Indian who did the cleaning on Subways near KR Circle,  its time for citizens to take the things  and make it happen.

Also @ Menon,  has this FOB connected to Whitefield Railway Station  Platforms,  as I understand that SWR did not connect it to PF and forcing passengers to risk their life while reaching BMTC Bus stand.


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good intiative

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@ Ramesh Menon - What you are suggesting is a good idea, for now. But, on a long-term basis, somebody has to be made to take ownership of the job - perhaps ULB (Urban Local Body - BBMP, if under its jurisdiction; or local Town Municipal Council, or Panchayat). And, making that happen is your elected representatives' job. And, getting them to do is the people's job. All the very best to your efforts.

PS: what is HSE? Google's answer about "Higher Secondary Exam" doesn't quite seem to resonate with the subject :(((.

Muralidhar Rao
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Hello all, The proposed

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Hello all, 

Update 1:

I am happy to inform that, further to this post, the community members of Golden Blossom Apartments have decided to clean the bridge as a Social Responsibility initiatives from their part. A campaign is planned to happen on 20th September 2014. Those who are interested may contact me urgently to get connected with them. Contact me at

Update 2:

The proposed cleaning drive of the foot over bridge is scheduled at 8 am on Saturday (sept 20th) under the leadership of Mr. Gopal Aggarwal. Volunteers are welcome to join. Please drop a note to Mr. Gopal Aggarwal, if you are interested to join in this campaign for the proposed date and time please drop me a mail at Thank you Gopal and best wishes to all.

Replies to comments:

@sanjeev -  Now the passengers cannot cross over the track as they have constructed a big wall near the side of the bus station. The bridge does not connect directly to the platform but it is convenient to reach there for those who use it.

@murali772 a parallel effort is done to highlight it with the local MLA and authorities. It may take time, but finally, we will make it a point to get them act. HSE is health, safety and environment.

Looking forward to more support on community issues of this nature.


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Good move, but FLAWED

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While I appreciate the effort and intent of groups such as this and The Ugly Indians to take matters into their hands and clean up the place, this will only encourage the people whose responsibility it is, to shirk it.

Already residents of Koramangala have pooled in money to buy CCTVs for their area. What next?

It is also an admission of the failure of the system. It is letting the corrupt WIN.

The civic authorities, whose responsibility it is,  have been provided the resources and the powers to maintain 'HSE' (Health Safety and Environment). they presumably have people who are qualified to do this efficiently.

What if we decide to open courts and resolve cases to 'help' with the load on the judicial system?

Traffic policing? Build our own bridges and roads (this too has been done in some areas).

Next we start legislating like the khaps?

Where is the negative feedback in the loop? I fail to see how this would solve problems of this sort. Would it be my responsibility to check if the median near my house to see if it had a reflector and fit a new one if required? How about the traffic signals?  who would be liable??

It is tough to fight with these corrupt and self-serving departments and they have teamed up with criminals to make our lives miserable, but if we dont fight them and stamp them out, we will lose out in the long run. This seems more like a feel-good move rather than tackling the problem head-on.  We need to clean the system not the streets!

@murali772    Agree with you, saw your comment as I skimmed to see opinions on this post.

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Highly Educated insensitive citizens + Authorities

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In such case,  we can not keep going in circles behind  blind authorities and  Highly Educated insensitive citizens,  waste time every time, if its one / two time, its fine.

As Menon mentioned,  its right thing,  parallel action are needed to prick these thik skined machinary.

@Menon, All the best and  looking for citizens to join hands  for this.

Can u share photo of the todays activity and how commuters are reaching FOB for to reach BTC bus stand.

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@Sanjeev and all, we had to

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@Sanjeev and all, we had to postpone the event due to lack of confirmed participation. Probably, it will now happen in the first week of October. In the meantime, as I wrote, I am trying to highlight this to the authorities involved and also the legislators of the area. I am confident of getting a positive outcome for the regular maintenance of this particular infrastructure of public convenience. Will keep you all informed. Thanks for the support. 

I repeat, this is a public call and if anyone wish to join us in this campaign, please do contact me so that I can connect you with those others who showed interest.

@xs400 - I fully agree with you thoughts. However, we cannot eradicate fully some of the wrong methods that has been happening. The change could be brought about only by slow, patient and consistent approach that will hit those who are corrupt hard and strong. Consider that this is one of the first step towards it and join me and support me and volunteer with me in my efforts if you agree. Even otherwise, I am used to and have no problems in taking criticisms as I know and those who know me well, understand, how difficult it was to get this foot over bridge in place. People, especially educated and employed in good companies were getting killed and as a person who react strongly to such situations, I couldn't sit idle. Being a resident of the locality and visiting every month from my place of work abroad, I used my clicks and writes to highlight it to all concerned and responsible and my personal presence whenever possible to strongly voice the danger that was happening. Here too, I plan to adopt the same methodology. Thanks again for yours and all others support.

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Admirable spirit, Ramesh -

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Admirable spirit, Ramesh - keep it up

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