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Campaign - Support Metro @ Whitefield Stn (Kadugodi)

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Metro at Bangalore is the right step forward towards making this city truly international. This will not only reduce congestion on our overloaded road transport but will also be environment friendly. The need to cut trees for road widening or using own vehicle for commuting will be nullified to a great extent. Travel by Metro will be convenient, safe and affordable for all.

This petition is created for awareness and to bring all like minded people on single platform of having Metro at Whitefield station (Kadugodi). There are multiple reasons to do so and few have been highlighted below:

1) Whitefield station is the last railway outpost of Bangalore connecting southern lines with ample parking space for future Metro expansion.

2) Kadugodi bus stand (which is fully functional with Vajra, Vayu Vajra, Big 10 and other buses plying on this route) is the confluence where in people arriving from Hoskote and Kolar change their transport to catch appropriate city bus. It is also used by residents in and around Kadugodi/ Whitefield to commute.

3) Major existing residential/ commercial/ office projects and upcoming projects in the vicinity of Kadugodi area makes a fully functional Metro a must to avoid traffic, pollution and stress.

Petition: We, the undersigned, appeal to bring Metro at Whitefield station, Kadugodi!!!

Kindly log on to the above link and sign your support to this move. 

Thanks and regards,


Ramesh Menon



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The plan is on... only timing is in question

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 Ramesh, As I understand, Metro will come to Kadugodi.  However, it is right now scheduled to happen in phase-II.  So not in a few years.  Kind of foolish that they did not have it as part of phase-I, but I do not know the reasons for that decision.

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Fight for what can come to Whitefield sooner ...

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Ramesh, you want to fight for connectivity, why really care for the mode? The need is - go to the center of city in 30-45 minutes or less.

Tracks are already there, they can take you to E-City, Central area, Mysore side, north of city in 30-45 minutes guaranteed. Come fight for quality commuter rail, it can happen much sooner. And since Metro kind of sees it as competition, fighting for commuter rail will make them accelerate their Phase-II plans. Win win both ways.

Wanting Metro to come to Whitefield station, will be MOCKING at the 2 lines of track that we have sitting today with about 60% spare capacity as per our own first hand observations. Let us WANT those tracks to be used, and used NOW.

We all have limited time on hand, it would be BETTER TO SPEND it on what makes more sense, and is more immediately doable. and can give us exactly what we want (fast connectivity to the central city).

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Here is how ..

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In case people have missed Namma Railu project maps, here is how Whitefield station is positioned, see where all we can go with just a little bit of work (which state government and Railways are saying they are not doing because other party is not helping them !!). I live in whitefield myself, so not trying to derail this campaign, absolutely not. Just for once, take a look at what could be possible in 1-2 years not more (compared to Metro - 4-5 years or longer, unless you are willing to raise Rs 5000 crores yourself)

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