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BESCOM Website - an experience

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Looking for Bescom on google I got the Bescom portal [1] I was quite impressed with the landing page to see a sign in box.

New user registration requires [2] a 10 digit customer id number, which supposed to be there on the monthly bill. However with best efforts by self and son we could not find it on the bill. To my surprise the bill reader came at this time and I got the current month bill. We asked the reader for my number on the bill he gave. As expected he could not give / find one.

Can somebody help me to solve this mystery?

Next I tried to surf the site a bit more. I was elated to see the telephone directory giving the entire info with even mobile numbers starting from the MD himself. Here is what was in store for me.

I thought of contacting the company secretary Mr. R Sridhar @ 2235-4924. [3] To my surprise it went to Ultra tech cement! Further to my surprise the person offered me the correct number 2235-4929. Again wrong number and second surprise!! The second person said the correct number is 2227-7396. Bingo this time it hit the bull’s eye!!

Mr. Sridhar was very courteous. He told me that the site was under development!!

My son was vey cool, which increased my frustration even more.  

By the way the ever moving banner says:-

The site is live for Mulbagil Town.



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BESCOM website!

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Dear psaram42 sir,

The site has been created by infosys on test mode for their RAPDRP project. It is not the official website of BESCOM. The official website of BESCOM is: We regret the inconvenience caused to you.

In future, we request you to post in our Facebook page ( namma bescom ) or tag us on whatever comments you make on BESCOM, so that we get an opportunity to know your view and respond to that.

You can also check our new website, yet to be launched: and give your valuable feedback.



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As I like FB way of

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As I like FB way of interacting, just posted an item in Facebook regarding "light" power theft. root cause being bad little complex

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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BESCOM wesite feedback

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I am no website development expert, but the structure of the BESCOM website in some places is looking quite antiquated.

Look for example at this page

Looks like a 30 page slideshow!  There must be better way to share infromation with the public?


Hope Prajagalu, especially some of our more tech people can post more feedback.

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Please post in Facebook!

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Dear friends/Sanjayv,

Thanks for your feedback. I agree with you. We will change it.

Friends, kindly use Facebook to share ideas with BESCOM. There are so many civic websites, and its not possible for anybody in BESCOM to keep searching the sites and responding to the issues raised.

So, we have Facebook page and website. (namma bescom or md bescom manivannan) Kindly post in that.




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@ Mani sir and others

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Please post your feedback on the website here.  I take the responsiblity of consolidating and conveying to BESCOM and Mani sir  - through facebook if need be.

The advantage of our praja interface is that the topics will not get lost once they become inactive as in facebook.  However, since BESCOM is using facebook for their public outreach, it is hard for them to go to every forum.  That is a very valid point. So let us have a discussion here and then I will transfer a gist to facebook, just like we did with the RITES report.

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More feedback: - No

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More feedback:

- No information available for availing new connection whether for domestic or commercial
- Scrolling text (vertical in initial page and horizontal at login page) is very distracting and hard to grasp.  Better to keep it static or a link.
- "About Us" occupies a disproportionately large amount of menu options as compared to other information useful to the average consumer.
- Some links are broken (like the live cam view of call center).  Don't know that if live cam is even needed. People working there may find it intrusive.
- Website should be oriented from customers point of view. Bescom has data on percentages of types of complaints received; a good website will provide information to address or means to redress the highest volume of complaints.
- No information on Time of Day tariffs.
- Sustainability (solar, LED etc.) and grant/subsidy information not readily apparent. comment guidelines

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