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Ward 58 Laying of a new 600mm dia Sanitary Pipeline

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The residents of HAL iii stage witnessed yet another Bhumi pooja on Wednesday the 29 June 2011 at 4th main road. Sri S Raghu MLA CV Raman Nagar Assembly constituency, Smt Sumitra Vijay Kumar Councilor BBMP Ward 58 and her husband Sri Vijay Kumar were present. The dignitaries were garlanded as usual as also several senior citizens.

P-1    MLA and Corporater at Pooja


BJP workers had distributed pamphlets just in time at 9 AM. The function started at 11:00 hrs. The small stretch of 4th main was blocked by police vehicles. Smt MC Kavitha Traffic Police Inspector was in charge of a small police contingent. I saw her requesting the BJP worker to get a form filled up with MLA signature for the police protection provided.

P2 – Police Inspector MC Kavitha.


There were several BBMP engineers with whom the residents were seen talking about their grievances. Both the 4th main side storm water drains were seen to carry copious sewage water, so also the wide SWD of the main 80ft road. The de-silting work was in progress in one of the small SWD. This sewage water, I was told was coming from ADE side.


I could talk to one young engineer, Rahul Priyadarshi, a BMS college graduate with a post graduate M. Sc. in Water and Environment engineering from London. He is in charge of Domlur BBMP Office.

P3 – Pooja Location at 80’ rd junction

P4 4th main work spot

P5 The 600 mm Pipe

P6 Road Block


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Is the solution adhoc?

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I was glad to hear Sri Vijay Kumar mentioning that a ward committee as per article 74 for ward # 58 was being set up shortly.

We in Praja wish that BBMP should evolve a "sewage line up gradation plan"which coud look like:-

  1. Maintain Regularly updated population statistics of the city
  2. Update the actual population which loads any particular Manhole
  3. As and when this population figure exceeds a predetermined count upgrade the particular sewage line to the next size.
  4. If 3 above is not possible wait till the man hole starts spewing sewage water and update the population figure for reference

Could BBMP care to upgrade their Project management system accordingly?

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Connection to the 800 mm pipe Pictures

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P1- The first picture shows a view from 80’ road ahead of the culvert.  The Contractor's earth moving equipment is seen operating in the back ground.

P2 – Another Picture from the same point looking at the Sewage Drain cover on the 80 ft road, to which the 600mm pipe will be joined at a depth of about 8’?

P3 and 4 are corresponding views fro the other side.


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T junction at 4-th main I-st cross

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The work has now progressed from the 80 ft road man-hole up to the second man-hole at the first cross. Some pictures:-

P1 - The old 400mm pipes removed.

P2 - The T junction at second man hole. The Large amount of sewage water discharge seen abouve is from the second manhole at I cross.

P3 - The amount of extra mud covering the whole of 4th main road

Pedestrians can still find their way between I cross and 80' roads using this mud strewn 4th main road.

P4. Work in progess at the T joint. The man is looking at the broken Man hole in front of him. The up stream continuation side 600 mm RCC pipe is already covered by mud. The new 600 mm dia pipe on which the man is standing is the down stream side.

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The Critical / Rogue Man hole

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To day I could trace the critical Man hole which is located near Tipp Sandra main road 4th cross junction. The 600 dia pipe laying work has come up to less than half way mark. However the corporater has utilized the opportunity well with an illegal road side banner.

P1 – The thanks giving banner on the 80 ft main road HAL III stage Bangalore - 560075

P2 – The critical Man hole with copious sewage water spillage

P3 – The Sewage Stream flowing in the storm water drain

P4 –  The close up of P2

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Sewage Water Management

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The above rogue Sewage Manhole water is managed temporarily, by pumping it to the Storm water drain, to facilitate the ongoing work of the new 600 mm sewage line.


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