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Ward no 58 - messy ways of handling storm water drain maintenance.

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The 80’ road in Indiranagar is a main road between HAL II and III stages, which are the two BDA developed localities of 1970s. Currently this road is witnessing a spurt of commercial activity. New posh commercial buildings are coming up on both sides. There is a big wide [approx 6’and 5’ depth] storm water drain along one side of the road. The other side has a much narrow feeder SWD. Recently there was an accident which involved a water tanker. [1870-89 19June2011] This happened when a water tanker tried to climb the Granite slabs covering the wide drain. The reason was apparently one of the Granite slabs had a flaw.

Picture 1. Water Tanker Capsized Observe the haphazard granite slabs cover of the SWD


Curiously a day after this accident we were surprised to find this foot path covered with granite slabs and also RCC in patches, dug up at several places. As can be observed one can see a lot of stagnant sewerage water all along the Storm Water Drain. Believe me this wide major Storm Water drain used to be dry all round the year except during rainy days. This drain used to flow full depth whenever we experienced heavy rains.



At present the drain is carrying sewerage water for 365 days all through the year. This is due to the phenomenal growth of the city getting Bangalore the status of a mega city. It is obvious that BBMP is not able to cope up with this growth.



Picture 2. 9th main 80’ road Junction foot path dug up to clear sewage


I believe the Directorate of Urban Land transport [DULT] is evolving a new road standard. I am pretty sure they will be blind to the obvious ground realities as far as the SWDs are concerned. These SWDs which cater for Storm water exclusively urgently requires new standards to include sewerage water and all cables including power, voice, video etc. Notice plstic pipe and hanging wires. Slipshod work or design? The so wide a drain nicely covered by RCC slab. No thought for maintenance given at design satge.

The SWD should carry only Storm water dude!

  1. Sewerage water pipes can be conveniently located below the beds of SWDs separately.
  2. Plastic pipes can be provided at the walls of the sewage drains to provide for easy installation of cables as and when required.
  3. etc

DULT need to work on this.

Piture 3. Side Road SWD Re Work Going on

I called Mr. Vijay Kumar Husband of Mrs Sumitra Vijay Kumar the official elected Corporater of ward 58. He told me that he was attending to a storm Water drain repair work near by. However I could not get him to talk about this issue personally. He is the deputy of his wife. I feel at home to talk with him rather than his wife. He is a nice person. 



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Drain Clearing and some reworks

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I went to 3rd cross HAL III Stage where Mr. Vijay Kumar was supposed to be supervising the maintenance work. However I could not find him. Probably he left before I could reach there.

I found however, gangs working furiously at complete rework, of a side road drain. This sewerage water is discharging in to the Main big SWD of the 80ft road above.

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Thank you sir for the report

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Thanks PSA sir for the report as well as pictures. Did you manage to meet the corporator yet?

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SWD & Road -side sewerage drains

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Mr. PSA has done an excellent report of the sad way of working of our BBMP engineering dept. and the elected reps. in wasting public money without achieving the purposes.

If DULT does a comprehensive review and make standard designs to take care of the multi-purpose SWD work and see that these are implemented, then only such problems can be solved.


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More Money down the Drain!

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BBMP has succeeded in availing an additional grant of about Rs 309 crore for remodelling of stormwater drains in the four valleys of the City under the Centre-sponsored Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Urban Renewal Mission (JnNURM).

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