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Bellandur lake hinterland development

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The agricultural land below the Lake abutment forming the Bellandur Lake is being developed for residential / commercial use as the case may be. It is the present owners choice to convert agricultural land in to residential / commercial purposes as it has now come within BBMP area. Some who may not like to convert have that choice too.

This is how the hinterland looked some time back.  Now it it is being developed by filling it up to bring to the same level as the present road on the lake embankment.





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Some more Pictures

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Bridge-2  These two bridges which are crucial for the whole stretch look old and weak. 

Tipper lorry Carrying mud for filling

RCC Pipes for Sewage Lines (or Drinking water?)


The fencing on the lake side is cut open all along periodically to facilitate the villagers to cut the thick growth of water plants. These serve as cattle feed. Farmers from far away places are often seen harvesting. 



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Hinterland Bed Layout Development

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It looks like that the owners are developing their newly acquired property as Residential / Commercial layouts as the case may be. Near the first Bridge as shown in the picture 1 of the main blog, the hinterland depth is not much. As such the new road shown below could descend smoothly in to it.


The second picture shows the full view of this new road descending smoothly in to the hinterland.


The third picture is a close up of the same road. Provision for Storm Water drains can be observed clearly. The land adjacent to the drain looks like a big site getting ready. Observe the electric pole and the slightly raised platform ready for the site of construction.


It is a nice job. However there are larger questions of how this road fits into the overall hinterland development.

  1.  Who can provide more details of this on going project?
  2. What are the responsibilities of BBMP and BDA?
  3. Has enough care / planning gone into this whole Hinterland Development? comment guidelines

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