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HAL III Stage Park Beautification 2011

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To day March 24, 2011 the Beautification programme of our Park at HAL III stage Bangalore 560075 was kick started by our MLA Mr. Raghu and Corporater Mr. Vijay Kumar.  The function started at 9:30AM and went on till 11:30 

The work taken up is widening of existing walk path inside the park. This has been taken up at the request of park users as claimed by the MLA. A bore well approximately 800 ft deep at the park outside corner was ready approximately 4 months back. The MLA ordered the BESCOM rep to give the necessary power connection. The main function was the usual pooja. This was followed by garlanding of all Senior citizens present by the MLA. 


Picture-1 the corporater Mr. Vijay Kumar Arrives















  Picture-2 the MLA Mr. Raghu arrives















Picture-3 Pavement Material with new lights


New / refurbished Storm Water drains all round the park are almost ready. There was a mini traffic jam due to a lot of official transport occupying the road, when we finished the program.


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800 feet deep borewell?

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800 feet!? Is it only me, or is that a bit too deep?

Tanker traffic has really incrase during last 3-4 months. Very very visible, esp during 7.30-9 AM morning times.

Thanks for the report though PSA sir. How is your corporator? Does he also arrive in Toyota Landcruiser type vehicle, with 2-3 maruti vans for company full of young men with curious looks. That is how someone described his (association's) meeting with corporator recently. Somewhere in North Bangalore :)

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Needs Verification

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 I don’t remember now who gave me that info about the depth of the bore well. I see every day during morning walk water being drained from a big corner site on 12th main Indiranagar. The foundation dug up is about 20 ft only. The water is being drained through a pipe whose dia is around 2.5 inches. It is more than a month that we see water being let in to the Storm Water Drain here. I have wondered many times about so much water being available especially this area which is at a higher level than that of HAL III stage.

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Further Progress

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Picture-1 Entrance to the park

The foot path leading to the main gate is located along the red tile strip seen in the picture. The gate location is where the Park Board is fixed to the boundary railing. The storm water drain all round the park is closed by granite slabs.

Picture-2 Complimentary view showing the opposite side of the park

Picture-3 Condition of the Storm water Drain nearby. Notice the [Rainy Season] timing of undertaking such work. comment guidelines

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