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Nod to prosecute CM - 'we fear for our lives'

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Well written cover story in to days Bangalore mirror, on the very important but controversial subject of the day. My heart goes to the two Lawyers who have risked their security to dig up from the RTI route the probable misdeeds of Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa and Home Minister R Ashok. Mr. Yeddyurappa was no doubt given the mandate by the people of Karnataka, to rule with justice to all. It is not proper to bend the rules to profit for himself and his family members, in case they have done so. The people of Karnataka will feel proud of Mr. Yeddyurappa if he is absolved of this charge of corruption in the courts, in a fair and impartial trial. Why this self partialness, to expect that the law makers are above the laws which they make? Do the laws apply to all except those in the power seat?

This sanction to prosecute a CM is not the first in our country. It has several precedents. The BJPs reaction by way of the statewide bund may not go well with the parties’ stature. 


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Irony of Ruling Party Calling the Bundh!

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The ruling party is setting a record of sort. Few months back they had enforced a bundh complaining against corruption. This time they have called a bundh in support of corruption. What is more astonishing is government wing lending the active support to it.

Now again on the issue of corruption, they have tried to enforce the bundh. What is interesting is they are protesting against prosecution of the crimes they have committed. It is indeed a record of sort that BJP exercise its SOVEREIGN right to enforce a bundh.

Very interesting BJP had recently launched Yatras and protest all over India except KARNATAKA. That speaks volumes about their own assessment of corruption by their state unit.

What do the bundh do to ordinary people (Aam Admi)? PT systems comes to grinding halt causing extremely inconvenience to ordinary people who depend upon it. Autos/Taxis/Private vehicles rules the roads. Goonda elements loot shops and businesses. Public property destroyed. Politicians court arrests. Forces establishment in their areas to shut their businesses. Next day claiming it to be successful.

Shouldn't party which gives a call to this Bundh must own responsibility for everything that goes wrong, including deaths due to delay in reaching hospitals and health care units?

Isn't time to call this a bluff and take stand against any protest that causes public inconvenience? Isn't time to take this fight right to courts?

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Seriously a time has come

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Seriously a time has come that public give their agony on politicians. One place we have the centre ruling with inability to control the inflation and various aspects in the country. on the other hand w have the opposition fileld critisizing the ruling party and calling bandh and protests in their ruling states. Very fanatstic political parties ruling.

For a simple company to be managed we have various rules to be followed-so when it comes to nation as a whole where does all the rules dissappear. It is seriously time to amend and introdce various rules for running of states and centre too. We need objectives to be framed and also see whther they are followed.


Henceforth it must also be seen that there must be atleast a quorum for Voting-there must be atleast 65% voting in each constituency out of total Voting population. Or else the candidates who stand there must be deemed to be not fit for election. Also there must be minimum amount spent for constituency and soem development shwon-if same is not achieved the concerned person must be sacked. Most importantly a retirement age must be set atleast at 70 years-when Chief justice cannot stay after 65 years in case of judiciary why there isnt any limit for the Legislature?

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Booking of Former CMs

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 The ruling party calling for a bund is a very peculiar situation indeed as pointed by KB Syed. BS Yeddyurappa on a slippery ground is trying to implicate the former CMs in vain for similar offences. That barely absolves him for committing the same offence himself. The reactions of the CM are comparable to a dying chicken whose head is being severed. 

 This is not the first time he is doing something. As soon a he took over as governor he is acting like a congress man. He wants BJP to go and congress to come back to rule.


 An irrelevant argument revealing the CM’s panic of a demogogle sowrd hanging on his head. The bogie of booking the former CMs should in no way absolve the sins of the present CM. His dismissal however should pave the way to book all former CMs who might have committed similar offences. This should be taken up as a natural sequel to the present CMs offence, later on.  

Kindly see the  Bangalore edition of TOI dated 24 Jan 2011 front page report. comment guidelines

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