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The peoples Representatives – How to keep them in check?

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 The front page story by Kushala of the Bangalore mirror about our minister Ashoka though on the verge of being a “gossip” its seriousness cannot be ignored. Discounting the compulsion of the tabloid format  of Bangalore Mirror a supplement of TOI the “story” is interesting. 

However the important point to note is the good work of the “Babus” sitting at BBMP. The BBMP had initiated a comprehensive technical audit in right earnest, with a third party inspection. They came up with startling results. 

BBMP officials said, “Just after we got the minister's letter, a technical audit was initiated involving Torsteel engineers. Even as the work was in process, the second letter landed at commissioner's office which disputed the allegations. But we did not stop the audit process. The findings opened a can of worms. Now, we are under pressure to process the contractors' bills even as their work is shoddy”



The Babus sitting at BBMP can be efficient, honest and responsible too! The role of vigilant Media cannot be over emphasized.


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Well written article with proof of the two letters.

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 We hear a lot of criticism of the media. This particular article gives the proof by referring to both the letter copies reproduced in the article. What more credibility is required for credible journalism?

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not his look-out any more

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The more important question is why is Mr Ashoka meddling around in BBMP matters when there is a full-fledged city council in place to bother with them all. At least, if he was doing some good, it may have been OK. But, here he is plainly undermining the city's interests.

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