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Ecological Roads

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 “Today SM Krishna is having a field day at Leela Palace with the Russian and Chinese counterparts. There may be other very important issues other than ER.” 

The roads in our country and many others are of age old design based on Roman Technology. Old is gold is true for gold especially. Old is not good enough in today’s mind boggling race for perfection.  

Chongming: Taking the ecological way of development

“The city of Chongming, sometimes referred to as the Shangri-la of Shanghai is the third largest island of China nestled in the Yangtze River Delta. In response to the country's pursuit of green development goals, Chongming's strategic expansion projects include Chongming New City, the Dongtan International Conference Center, the Changxing Oceanic Equipment Manufacturing Base, and the Hengsha Holiday Resort. The city's historical sites such as the Chongming Academy, and the Shou'an Temple are also discussed.” 

What are ecological roads? A rough definition would be a road which is “Environmentally friendly”. 

Why are the present roads environmental disasters? I try to give a list below:- 

  1. The impervious roads are a disaster
    1. They do not allow in situ ground water charging
    2. They cause flooding
    3. Cause Ground erosion on the road side curbs
  2. The Roman Storm Water Drains are a disaster because of 1 above if they are impervious in nature
  3. Pervious Roads and Storm Water Drains are therefore the key to avoid disastrous consequences of heavy downpours 

Why is ER mandatory in present day situation? 

  1. Potable water shortage. This is evident from the new legislation being contemplated in many of the cities in this planet earth for making RWH mandatory by law. The city of Bangalore in India is no exception.
    1. The road surface in a city is for example comparable to the built-up area of a typical non high rise city.
    2. The potable quality of RWH water is far superior
    3. The RWH potable water is economical
    4. Saving of huge Electric Bills. Hence a greener earth
    5. Etc. Etc.
  2. ER roads are better in safety in driving and durable than the non ER counterparts
  3. ER roads are durable and long lasting and hence economical 

In conclusion ER is not an option but a matter of survival and hence of utmost importance 

Please see enclosed ppt.

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How to achieve the dream of ER for Indian Cities? Brainstorming?

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 I try to make a beginning. The necessary conditions for success are:-

  1. The citizens desire to achieve their goal should be big enough to overcome the hurdles.
  2. Convincing the authorities of the benefits of ER
    1. Huge amount of power savings by avoiding pumping DW
    2. Easy maintenance of roads.
    3. Safe Roads
    4. No flooding at all
    5. This years tragedy in some of the states like Karnataka would have been avoided with ER
  3. Funds
    1. Fare Estimates
    2. JNNURM ?
    3. Any other
  4. Survey of Available Techniques
    1. Atlantis
    2. Others?
    3. Indigeoeous?
  5. Possibilities of negotiating for better price
    1. This is due to possibility of huge market in the country as a whole
    2. Etc
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Ecological Roads

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Pervious Bitumen & Asphalt are available these days. Roads, if made pervious release hydrostatic pressure which is built up due to imperviousness acting in consonance with temperature variations.

Storm Water Drains in Bengaluru actually means (as far as BBMP is concerned) only large sewage open Nullahs / channels where it is literally free for all in terms of dumping of garbage and letting in of sewage and other household waste.

Much smaller Storm Water drains made at either end of the road is supposed to handle only rainwater, but because the larger channels / nullahs are being pervcieved as garbage dumps and sewage outlets, even these road side SW drains are being used as dumping grounds for one off garbage / open toilets. Not being made to handle blockages caused by such solid garbage being dumped in these narrow open channels, they invariably get clogged, which in turn leads to stagnation of water, mosquito breeding and stinking neighbourhood.

Surprisngly such this happen even in posh colonies!

The entire sewage and strom water system needs to be handled holistically by one agency capable of solving the problem once and for all. Such agency does exist, but someone in authority must be willing to stick his/her neck out to take the plunge and back such an agency to do their best. There must be people's support and everyone must cooperate for the agency to solve the problem, not keep trying to trip them in their efforts. So called Green Brigade must critisize constructively, not distructively. Cartels of Contractors who will be scared of losing their livelihood of decades of cheating business must be firmly kept at bay.

Ecological Roads, Storm Water drains, Sewage carrying channels and RWH etc of the highest order is all possible if only they receive 100% public support. Is praja willing to take up the challenge?


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Karnataka roads are "ecological" roads!

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I'm sure KPWD and BBMP definitely believe that Karnataka and Bangalore roads are ecological. Who says they are impervious roads-we have so many potholes and craters that serve as rainwater collection points.

The more the craters, the better the rainwater collection and consequently better groundwater recharging!

So why have a completely topped road,eh?Let alone a pervious type. comment guidelines

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