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Namma Metro disconnect

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Metro Rail

Namma Metro connectivity to different parts of the city is welcome. But commuters also need good access and facilities to reach stations from their homes. And that's a drawback, finds a recent study by the Indian Institute of Science. The transportation connectivity around most (existing and upcoming) Metro stations is not fully developed to encourage a shift from private vehicles to the Metro.

For the full text of the report in the ToI, click here.

And, here is the link to the web page with the abstract (one page), report (56 pages)and full report with appendix (116 pages) with individual urls, of the study done by CiSTUP member, Ms Laxmi Nagaraj, guided by Prof T G Sitharam.

I expect Prajagalu will find the study interesting.

A solution perhaps lies in what is stated here.

Muralidhar Rao



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Connecting Disconnect

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In the first place, they should connect Mantri Mall to MG Road with 10 mins frequency equivalent to metro frequency. This gives Reach 1 - Reach 3 Connectivity.  This is another 6 km with travel time around 30 mins by bus.

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Connectivity with simple ideas

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First of all, the idea by vasanth is wonderful. We need the connectivity of lines before the metro line gets completed. Infact they should have a bus service from MG road to vijayanagar where the metro is planned, And from mantri square to green line other end via majestic.

Moreover our metro has a bad connectivity from localities. Further these following woes add up.

   Parking is limited @ metro stations. What would the BMRC do when the population of bangalore grows further?  I wonder  where commuters would park their vehicles when MG road is already running out of parking place. Bayappanahalli has a small parking space compared to its terminal size.

   Why is there no facility to carry bicycles in metro? many countries have a seperate allocation for bicycles. Prople carry their cycles along while travelling.  Mumbai local has made way to dabbawalas. why cant we do something like that which allows to carry our own bicycles?



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Shared Autos and Chakra Bus Routes

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Shared Autos using something like Tata Magic or even luxurious Innovas connecting the internal layouts to nearest Metro and Bus Stations would help better connectivity. BMRCL should tie up with major taxi operators like Easycabs / Merucabs.

Secondly, BMTC has started Chakra Routes and Feeder Routes for its Big Trunk services. Similar such service should be started connecting to Metro. Also every area in Bangalore is connected to Majestic by bus. These routes should be routed via nearest Metro station.

For instance, buses from Hanumanthnagar side towards Majestic go via Ashrama and K R Market instead of going via National College Circle, Sajjan Rao circle. Very few buses like 43,36 go that way. If these buses are routed via National College, people have the option to changeover to Metro. If the trend continues with people changing over to Metro, then majority of that route buses could be halted here with few going further till Majestic for connectivity to corporation circle etc. This will gradually reduce the traffic of buses in CBD as well as emission.

Regarding parking, it would be very difficult and again traffic will be there and surroundings of Metro stations would become messy.

Carrying bicycles in Metro may be OK during non-peak hours when there is no last mile connectivity, but during peak hours, it will reduce the carrying capacity of Metro. Bicycle rental at Metro stations is better.


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Buses are not the problem, Mr Minister, BMTC's monopoly is

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“We are looking at the mono-rail to serve as a feeder service to the Metro. We cannot congest the roads by running buses as a feeder to Metro and are seriously exploring the possibility,” he (minister, George) added.

For the full text of the report in the New Indian Express, click here.

Contrary to what the minister says, nothing can serve main-line services, as feeder services, better than buses. But, of course, that does not apply to the way BMTC operates them, as commented upon by those who actually tried them out (and gave up - understandably) - check here.

Realising fully well, that BMTC cannot ever be expected to meet the demand, BMRCL itself applied to the government to licence it to operated the services. But, BMTC, and its patron saints in the government, continue as the dogs in the manger, affecting BMRCL revenues too in the process. With the opening up of the fuller stretches of the Metro, expected soon, I expect BMRCL will once again stake its claim to operate the feeder services, since ridership numbers are going to be important for it, and BMTC can't be depended on to help out.

And, not just for Metro, buses, as feeder service mode, are ideal for any kind of main-line operations, to provide last mile connectivity, and more. Many models have been discussed here, as also here. What's essential is the dismantling of the BMTC monopoly, as discussed here.

Muralidhar Rao
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I really do not know what the

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I really do not know what the politicians of Karnataka smoke. A politician who is considered to be educated and erudite suggested that Bangalore be connected to Tumkur through metro.

The failure of Mumbai's monorail is there to be seen but our politicians happily feign ignorance about the same.

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Connecting Dots of Urban Transport Bangalore

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Requesting to  make it for the disucssion on Bangalore Suburban Rail.  Prof T G Sitharam / IISc and Sathya will be in discussion.

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The minister's comment that

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The minister's comment that buses cause congestion is unfortunate. But looks like George likes to get lots of projects done. George seems to have big role in the Metro completion. I believe he will have some alternative in mind, which will enhance infra of the city.

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why is NammaMetro being denied feeder bus service license?

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When Delhi Metro is operating feeder bus services (through outsourcing - check here), why is NammaMetro being denied the licence, particularly so when BMTC is clearly seen to be incapable of doing justice to the job (read my post of 21-03-16, scrolling above), even as the services are vital from NammaMetro's capacity utilisation perspective and thereby its financial health?

In a city in a growing economy, like in India, over 70% of the trips made in a day relate to education or work (according to Prof Badami of McGill University, Canada, who had given a talk on the subject a few years back at the IIM, Bengaluru). If these can be met by public transport, including for the "last mile" (nd, this is where the shuttle/ feeder services come in), half the city's traffic problems will get solved.

But, the question that begs an answer is do the powers that be want solutions, or do they see all of them as opportunities to pursue their personal agenda's???

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