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Start Suburban Railu, Save Bengaluru!

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Commuter Rail

Dear Namma Bengaluru Niwasigale, Time to ask questions

We have waited enough for the state government and the center to build infrastructure that could provide relief to our daily challenges. Our day starts with overcoming the challenge of beating the traffic to reach our work places and end with same challenge to return home in the evening. It has been more than 2 decades now, Bengaluru city is still without a 'Mass Transit System. There are currently no plans or projects from state and central government to alleviate the situation. Are there good and economical options? Yes, there are. But unfortunately governmnet, its ministers and officers are interested in projects whose cost runs into 10s of thousands of crorers and would take another 2 decades to complete. We all know why they prefer such unviable projects.

Still in Works since 2008 - Namma Metro

Namma Metro started in 2008 is still in works and now only GOD knows it will be completed and start chugging. In the anticipation of Namma Metro, every other project that could have helped Bengaluru has been set aside. Reason, GOK Babus being brainwashed with "...Metro Iday Alla..." belief. Is there a stupid statement and idiotic reliance than this? Other cities are already marching ahead with the operations of Metro, here we are almost resigned to the completion of Namma Metro in the eternity.

Still in Planning - Signal Free / Elevated Corridors, Underground Highway Plans

Every day there is news about all the crazy, glitzy and grandeur plans for building PRR, Elevated/Signal Free Corridors and what not. If Metro can take 10 years to build, these will take another 2 decades. Now you know what the priority is, money and glitz over utility and benefits. People are being taken for an elevated and signal free ride.

Suburban/Commuter Rail  - Can be started in 6 months says DRM Bengaluru, South Western Railway!

Yes, you heard it right. It can be started in Six (6) months. That is the confirmation from the Lion's mouth - South Western Railways. They are right.

It doesn't require 10s of thousand crorers like that has been spent on Metro so far. All it needs initially is 200 crorers and will help start 24 regular 'Suburban Services' supporting 4 lakh commuter trips per day.

Courtesy - Udayvani - commuter-rail-sakarakke-6-months-is-enough

After reading these news reports, if you feel angry, frustrated at DULT and GOK, shoot an email and question them for continuous neglect of well being of Bengaluru. Tell them enough of reports. Tell them only thing remains to be done is to start the project.

Click here to send an email asking to start the Suburban Railu, Save Bengaluru




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We need more citizens / commuters to send their demand to Railw

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Please send the strong message to Railway Minister and Chief Minister of Karnataka for the Commuter Rail / Suburban Rail.

When even single suburban train gets delayed in Mumbai,  Railway Minister looses sleep but for Bangalore he sleeps quitely

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poster 1 for namma railu

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Final poster for Namma railu email campaign

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Its an emergency

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The need for a suburban local train network is almost an emergent requirement in Bangalore which is completely choked with massive traffic jams everywhere and an incompetent government headed by Siddaramiah. If no action is taken now, God save us! I think Bangalore will soon collapse on its own. comment guidelines

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