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Time to Call upon State and Railways for Namma Railu Implementation - #‎SupportNammaRailu‬

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Even after 5 years into Namma Railu advocacy, things have not started to work out the way we all have wanted to be. The project is still in corridors of state government and Railway Ministry. With budget around the corner, let us remind our public representatives that they have forgotten about this project. They need to get their act right and include it in the respective 2016-17 budgets.

To make the public representations (sending Petition/request), Citizen Matters have come up with an easy method of sending emails to a group of people who matters on this issue. Let us use this tool and send in our support demanding immediate implementation of Namma Railu.

ASK is simple. Click on the Link in the Citizen Matter Website and follow the instructions. They have link which will bring up the Email Composer with all the relevant information already filled-in. All you have to do is put your in the signature block and send it. It sends an email to a group of people including Chief Minister Railway Ministers, Local City MPs and officials in GOK.

Courtesy - Citizen Matters

"...Why is the city of Bengaluru full of traffic? Why does everyone prefer private vehicles as opposed to public transport? If one decides to use public transport, will s/he be able to do it comfortably? The answer to all the above questions is: Bengaluru doesn’t have a reliable, predictable public transport network yet, which forces people to use private vehicles. Result: Traffic jams, with average speeds of 6-9 kmph on road! Bengaluru has been blessed with good rail network (Check the list here). This can be used effectively to beat the traffic woes of the city. In fact, many parts of Bengaluru can be networked through trains - all it takes is more trains on the existing train routes, more train stops, feeder buses to help people reach stations and a few more railway tracks to connect the unconnected parts of the city.

The central railway budget is coming up . In December, Railway Ministry had sought the inputs of citizens on railway budget. (Note: The link in the website is not functional anymore.) However, the deadline for submission of suggestions has been extended till January 21st, 2016. Here’s your chance to act. Mail your support and suggestions for commuter rail in Bengaluru to You can also click the button below for a pre-composed ready-to-send mail to central government and state government officials. Modify as you deem fit. Send mail by clicking here, if you want to support Namma Railu

Namma Railu - a group of citizens lobbying for suburban rail infrastructure, working under the banner of Praja-RAAG, has been championing the cause of better suburban railway network for the city. Their ask from the upcoming rail budget: 1. Give us more rails at convenient times, because it will help reduce Bengaluru’s traffic. 2. Give us better commuter rail network, to lay the foundation for an integrate public transport solution that works with bus, metro and other options for a growing city. Based on the short term asks identified by the team, the Whitefield Rising group is also reaching out to officials with - See more at: http://bangalore.citizenm... ..."

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