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Where is the funding planned for 'Suburban Rail?

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Commuter Rail

Source - Deccan Herald

The state government on Thursday presented a case before members of the 14th Finance Commission that upgrading Bangalore’s infrastructure facilities would require Rs 93,041 crore across eight sector from 2015 to 2020 and sought special assistance in this regard from the Centre.

Srinivasachary said the state government through its own resources and borrowing could raise Rs 42,646 crore during 2015-20 resulting in a cumulative financing gap at Rs 51,140 crore. He said special assistance would be required to fill the financial gap.

At the same time, the government had recognised the need for building institutional capacity to manage the high spendings. At present, various civic agencies like BBMP, BWSSB, BMRDA, BMTC, BDA have a capacity to spend Rs 7,000 crore per annum.
The biggest chunk of investment would be required in the sector of roads and road related infrastructure (Rs 36,350 crore), followed by transport infrastructure (Rs 29,630 crore) and urban drainage (Rs 8,000 crore).

The funds would be utilises for construction of Satellite Ring Road and Intermediate Ring Road, develop tier-II and III cities around Bangalore, provide affordable and self-sustaining public transport, increase share of public transport to 65 lakh commuters, develop sub-rail system and bus rapid system.

Here is the funds planning by all GOK agencies.

Name of Agency Current Level of Expenditure Average Expenditure / Annum for 2015-20 based on Total Investment
BWSSB 1755 789
BMTC 237 1,137
BDA 550 2,126
BMRCL 2,322 4,789
BBMP 2,088 7,629
BMRDA 4 1,650
DULT 50 488
Total 7006 18,608

Year-wise Financial Requirement (In Crores)

Agencies FY 16 FY 17 FY 18 FY 19 FY 20 Total
BWSSB 670 975 1035 735 530 3,945
BMTC 806 978 1,106 1,348 1,446 5,684
BDA 4,300 3,650 2,300 200 180 10,630
BMRCL 5,963 5,934 6,245 5,804 0 23,946
BBMP 6,867 7,250 7,631 8,006 8,393 38,146
BMRDA 1,485 1,568 1,650 1,733 1,815 8,250
DULT     488 488 488 488 488 2,440
Total 20,579 20,843 20,455 18,314 12,852 93,041



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'Suburban Rail' is not on horizons until 2020!

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Going by DULT's fund requirment of 448 crorers P.A., it is becoming evident that suburab rail is in not on horizon until 2020.

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People at fault

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Fault lies with the people for not asking. I say let the people live in traffic jams and struggle why care! How many people in Praja who want CRS have even written to a single politician for a suburban rail. I bet just a handful. No wonder no politician know what is suburban rail or where it is supposed to run

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Not hopeless

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In the words part at least, it says "develop sub-rail system".  Rs.500cr per annum is not a small amount if spent well.   And Rs.2500cr by 2020 (again if spent well) can mean a decent suburban rail system (maybe an EW system connecting Maddur to Whitefield?).  Not sure what the capital costs are though.

If anyone doubts the utility of one they ought to come to Bombay.  I took a suburban train yesterday from New Bombay (Juinagar stn) to Andheri (the not so well developed Harbour line).  It took me 66 mins to cover the 35 km.  I bought a first class ticket at Rs.125 vs. a second class ticket (Rs.15).  A taxi would have taken 2+ hrs and cost me Rs.500-700. 

About 38000 crores on BBMP - can safely assume half that down the drain.  And we still think that we can build (roads) our way out of this mess.  Koramangala IRR was supposed to have solved problems.  Has it? 

Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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If DULT not projecting funds required CRS :Finance Commission

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Looking for  SPV to be in place and Ministry  of Railway Approval along with Planning Commission.

Should we write letter to Planning Commisson, Finance Commission, Railway Board Charimen, Railway Minister and PM of India on this.

Also we should take up with Dr Kasturi Rangan who is from Bangalore and  alos  he is a  Planning Commission member.

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Thanks Srivastav for your experience sharing

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Juinagar stn  of Harour Line in New Bombay is well developed station.  If I am correct,  line from Panvel to Mankrud is a single  Track use to be during 2000 and now it might  be doubled.

Even the Rs 125/-  for 33 Kms is far below our Valvo AC Buses.  Thanks for your sharing  experience of the Mumbai Suburban Rail.  Even Earlier Pranav had shared his experience.

I feel all our Planning Commissions : Finance, Planning Commission, Urban Developemet Secreatry &  METRO City Corporations Commissioners should be forced to experience the Mumbai Suburban Rail. 

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GOK Urban Development Minister VinayaKumar Sorke was also presen

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Its unfortunate that Urban Development Minister is not  even pushing this Suburban Rail project may be thinking that its Sub -Standard project for Urban Transport of  IT City ????

Thats why Mumbai which is Financial capital of India, it well understands on affordable Mass Public Transport  need like Suburban Rail. 

May be IT capital of India does not understands this.  May be we need to sell concept called huge IT investment  business opportunity exists in Bangalore Suburban Rail which will bring huge orders for Infosys, WIPRO, HCL, Coginzent, Accentura and even Call Center will get business in this.

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It's not too late to contact area politicians!

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What you said is very right. But still it is not too late to start writing, calling and contacting the local area politicians. Here is another attempt to help that effort.

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Cong leaders creating problems for CM: Kharge

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Union Railway Minister Mallikarjuna Kharge said on Friday that a section of leaders in the ruling party and opposition parties in the State are trying to unnecessarily create problems for Chief Minister Siddaramaiah.
He also said the State government has extended its full cooperation to take up railway projects in the State. Siddaramaiah has agreed to release the State’s share of funds required for railway projects, he said.

Will CM send the proposal on Suburban Rail before the 1st Nov where othere Railway Functions are planned at Allalsandra, Judical Layout / Jakkir  underpass and Yesvanthpur station new building opening by Kharge.

So BBMP mayor and Krishan Bayregowda will be present in this case. We need to reach  both of them including Kharge. comment guidelines

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