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At last realization has dawn on BMTC for rationalization of its routes!

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At last, a better sense and realization has dawned on BMTC to start thinking of rationalizing its routes and aligning it with the Metro network. In any problem-fixing situation, the realization and accepting that there is a problem that exist itself is a half the battle. Now the BMTC needs to fight the other half of the battle of planning and executing the plan for route rationalization.

It should go without saying that, the various discussion that has taken place on Praja and various public forums has indeed worked on bosses of BMTC to acknowledge the problem and willingness to find the remedy. Lets us keep up the pressure on BMTC and other agencies to make this plan into a reality.

This is what was reported in "".

"...When the metro rail starts operations by the end of 2010, BMTC routes will have to be rationalised so that the city bus service acts as a feeder to the rail system. “While restructuring the routes to suit metro operations, the hole routing system would be changed to avoid frequent confusion and commuters would have to adapt themselves to the changes only once,” the official said. Rationalisation of routes could mainly mean adopting trunk and feeder services.

In this system, a main trunk route is chosen to which many short route feeders connect at different points. The recently introduced Big10 service follows the trunk route system however without a change in the entire route structure, frequent feeder services are not available on all routes to Big10. On several routes, Big10 competes with the other long-route buses, which sometimes have the same origin and destination as a Big10 bus on that route...."

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The bus systems can be

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The bus systems can be changed for the better in following ways:

Yeshvantapur Railway Station services i.e Y services. Let the numbers be the same as that of the existing G services,with numbers like Y-1,Y-2 etc excepting that the bus need not run on Tumkur road and towards Vijayanagar/mysore road. which are well connected to Yeshvantapur and just  small diversions required.Similarly MCTC services can run with prefix M except on Mysore road and Vijayanagar side. Shantinagar services can run with S prefix which need not go to Hosur road and Banneghatta road.Share auto system can be introduced for last mile connectivity and people wont mind spending Rs.5/- especially when travelling long distances.Marcopolo's can run on the ame routes which people going by AC chair car or Airavatha services will like to utilize. An Airavatha Ticket holder can be given a free travel in Marco Polo which will draw crowd. comment guidelines

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