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Unprofessional civic agencies

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 Residents put to difficulty again

 For, the portion of the dug up road, where the pipeline has been laid, is yet to be filled up. “Can’t they asphalt the portion of the road where BWSSB’s work has been completed? We fear that they will leave it unattended,” he said. However, BBMP officials promised to begin asphalting the road soon after the pipes are laid by end of the November. But, BWSSB officials said the work on laying the pipelines is expected to continue till January 2010.

So the debris and the mud is going to lie around for 3 months? Why cant they cart the debris away barricade the dugout and carry out their work? Remember this is a 2 lane road with bus traffic. The practices followed resemble those in sub saharan africa. 


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Cleanliness & inconviniences

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 I wonder where all the debris from this digging went? I would have thought it would be piled up next to the ditch and sprawling all over the roadside. A smiling worker and smiling public is not something our administrators want to see. They would rather we wallow in mud and slush.

They wash the place clean after they are done... hmm must be imbeciles in this country whichever it is. How can they do such a neat job?

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Will this garuntee best practices?

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WIll this mean debris will be carted away? Will this mean they will leave the road the way they found it, or better?

Civic agencies to coordinate on city projects

From now on, no public work can commence without all agencies involved signing on a ‘public works coordination agreement’. The traffic police will sign it last in case of BBMP work and BBMP will sign it last in all other cases.


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You pay for peanuts, you get peanuts

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IDS, Sorry to ask a direct question - are you willing to work in BWSSP/BBMP today ? We are unwilling to accept that competence and professionalism come at a price. Govt and people at large have come to accept that govt. is an employment agency - everybody(specially the poor) will be much better off, having few well paid competent professionals in a govt. organisation rather than a bulk of people recruited for reasons other than competence. Until we accept that all are not equal, and some can execute a job better than others, and have to be paid and treated accordingly, its hard to get allround change.


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@ Suhas You have hit the nail

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@ Suhas

You have hit the nail on the head.  Syndrome of 'what is in it for me' is all pervasive and tops the agenda of rendering service of all those who have been bestowed with license raj.

Our so called engineers, technocrats in government and beaurocrats know how to bend like Beckhams and get the best out of the power and money that is included in a project.

I still remember the golden words of a forthright beaurocrat who addressed a Praja meeting in Bangalore

-  Most of the projects projected by service providers are shrouded with doubts whether their contents are correct or not; next comes whether they have the right perceptions to deliver in the form of deliverables and finally, whether they have the credibility to deliver the contents to the lowest segment of our society. He is right most of the mega projects are falling flat at the last mile and end up with people paying mega taxes.

- Is the salary, perks, pensionery benefits etc., doled out from public money, not enough for these government servants? Why can't they live within their means? Why do they beg for alms from even the a street side 'Vada/Bajji makers' or Chat Masala carts?

- Namma Cosmopolitan Bangloreans are the most bribe givers to get their work done and the City has earned the latest dubious distinction of being the top of bribe giving/taking State.

- Is there a solution?  Yes, there is a possible solution - let us all make up our mind to stop compromising our ethical and moral attitudes and decide not to break rules and see what happens.

- I may be dreaming - still dreams do come true.

- Vasanth Mysoremath

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Three letters - PPP

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Sorry to ask a direct question - are you willing to work in BWSSP/BBMP today ?

You have provided the answer yourself dear friend. If you know you only pay peanuts why try to increase the size of your peanut pay and get bigger peanut eaters? This is like trying to clear debris by throwing better quality debris on the road. What you need is a wheel barrow and a shovel.

Govt should have planners who lay road map in coordination with citizens and managers who can monitor and manage contracts to ensure service delivery.  

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Some start

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BBMP entrusts repair works to zonal contractors

Would they have a clause which says, you have to cart the debris away as it is dug out. Dumping outside dumpsters should attract penalty and all dugouts will be barricaded.

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less government

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Howdu, IDS-avare'. The answer lies plainly in PPP, out-sourcing and less government

Muralidhar Rao
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Pathetic road works

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 Clearly all efforts are usless if the results are like the below. Shows, polls or not, our administrators are incapable of doing anything right. Below is how they have covered up the trenches after the digging works were done.

Pathetic condition: Lack of co-ordination among utility agencies has created a mess on Sanjaynagar Main Road - The Hindu

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Shame on BBMP

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Our authorities never fail to disappoint me. More stone age practices described here. I am surprised the engineers are not ashamed.

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Still in ruins

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  BBMP officials promised to begin asphalting the road soon after the pipes are laid by end of the November. But, BWSSB officials said the work on laying the pipelines is expected to continue till January 2010.

It is August 2010 a good nine months past the promised month, the road is still in shambles. BBMP is more interested in putting up redundant street furniture on "chief minister's road" than this one just a few meters away which cries for plain old asphalt. The state of the road post rains is pathetic. The damage is maximum in front of the Sanjaynagar police station and Geddlahalli bus stand, what irony. comment guidelines

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