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bbmp bus stop

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This is regarding an article in times today.

Bus shelter goes missing , BBMP asks cops to find it.

BBMP has to be blamed for this, as we see many works going on in many places ,

All the citizens do see the works and none interfere as they feel the work is being done by BBMP.

we never see workers with uniform or with a tag to mention that  they are BBMP workers, so when one notices any work being carried out , they are  under the immpression it is being done by BBMP.


so to stop such things happening few things can be carried out:

1  Uniformed BBMP workers, if in  case it is  temprory workers , give them a badge .

2. Any work undertaken should have a placard at the site with following details:

the supervisors telphone number who has undertaken the work.

reason for pulling down.

contractors number.

when such details are in place, any doubts can be called which helps to stop such activities.

Every shelter can have a number to be reported , as we see missing seating slabs, missing lights and anything that can be laid hands on.

BBMP can have a website for reporting , the website  name mentioned in the bus shelter.
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