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Amenities at City stations - What is wrong with SWR?

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I am not an expert in the Indian Railways. Therefore, if my rant is in the wrong direction, I would really appreciate if someone can put me in my place.

I went to both the City station ( about three weeks back) and Cantonment station  (today) recently and am really disgusted with the infrastructure and the maintenance of these two stations. Isn't Bangalore the zonal headquarters of the SWR? If am comparing with another zonal headquarters, either with Secunderabad or Chennai, the infrastructure, cleanliness and hygeine in these two stations is really pathetic.

My aunt was comparing Bangalore with second and third tier cities in Andhra Pradesh and was of the opinion that those stations have better facilities like underpasses, over head bridges, elevators for elderly passengers.

I am planning to write to the zonal manager of SWR, but thought I bring it up here for your comments and opinion.




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Sir Bangalore is not the

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Bangalore is not the headquarters of SWR like chennai or Secunderabad-but have generally heard it is one of the better stations compared to the others as far as many people have opined.

The infrastructure is quite poor-though the lift facility was installed it is hardly being used as far as i have seen. the cement ramp is across the tracks is the only option available apart from climbing the stairs. Maintainence is not too bad but seriously improvements in this regard is must.

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Its Hubli, how is that station?

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I think zonal HQ for SWR is Hubli. I have never been to Hubli station, but would like to know if the station at HQ is of better standards.

I agree with your sentiments and opinion @GNT. As mentioned already in that other post on "7 horrors of Bangalore", it is a SHAME that elderly people need to climb all those stairs, there is so limited seating in the station building between station entrance and platform entrance.

And after all this, I am generally surprised to know that their "world class station" plans are focusing more on still-a-castle-in-the-air Byappanahalli station (and I think Yesvantpur too) than Bangalore City.

SWR's excuse would be - state has still not given me Binny Mill Land. Wonder how that is linked to having cleaner station with escalators and more seating.

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World class

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 Actually world class station in IR terminology probably means lots of fatally-slippery-when-wet granite flooring for the first platform of all stations.

Even if the floor is concrete the world class should focus on amenities like disabled friendly walkways, easy accessibility for both people & luggage. What prevents airport style trolleys from being provided? Escalators for people? multi storied parking with travelators? Completely covered station will allow them to utilize the first floor for waiting rooms, clean toilets etc. 

I have blogged about the archiac maintenance practices of the railways here, but O&M of stations should be outsourced with clear benchmarks for cleanliess like checklists inspections etc.

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Here is the lnk to Hubli Station SWr Headquarter

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Here is the lnk to Hubli Station Development.  I think they are spending nearly 100 crore for Hubli with 2 foot over Bridge,  one sub-way,  3 more platforms, new Entrance with new station Building and shoping complex

Hubli station is coming up very well with all the facility.  Bangalore, Yesvantpur, Biyappanahalli & Yelahanka are really neglected at different levels.

Whats definition of world class from Railways : Read their office order :

Railways to Install Escalators in 100 stations, this is in Jan'2009.

I have read the sanction for Bangalore Ciy Station to get Escalator for PF- 1 & 5,  but nothing happened, may theri is no one to ask them.


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Escalators for Bangalore City Station not much progress

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Here is the link to 100  Escalators Tender called in  the year 2009

For Bangalore Page no :6,  Sr No 31 & 32.

In the name of world class Station, Bangalore city & Biyyyappanahalli are made third grade station.  Look at the Vijayawada Station getting 6 Escalators which.  Bangalore stations neglected.

Even though Private parties are will to take uo the job,  why such delay for Bangalore..  As Silkboard mentioned,  Railway is keep on harping on land as if their main business is in real estate.  In this process they are not taking up the upgradtion of the station with  improved facility.  Next will be Yesvantpur,  Biyyappanahalli, Kengeri, K R Puram, Yelahanka stations will face the heat  once METRO rolls out.  


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cattle class

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For travel to Chennai, Kochi, Hyderabad, etc, a train journey would be ideal, considering the time taken for travel to and from the airports at both ends compared to the total journey time.

When I suggested this to a niece, who has been living from long in the US, and who was on a visit to India with her little children, the screwing up of her face in total rejection of the suggestion was almost automatic. She then went on to elaborate on the insanitary conditions with every thing associated with the railways, and on how she wouldn't want to take any risks, particularly when travelling with children.

Now, while one may say that she was being fussy, a comparison of say the BIAL airport with any of our railway stations, brings out the stark differences in the approach of the authorities concerned to all aspects of design, construction and maintenance of the respective infrastructure.

And, while one may like to attribute these to the differences in the classes of travellers, the Delhi Metro has clearly shown that if you treat the aam aadmi as more than belonging to the 'cattle class', he will show himself to be worthy of such treatment. One wonders if and when IR will learn the lessons from such examples.


@IDS  -  fatally-slippery-when-wet granite flooring for the first platform of all stations

I sensed this when I took the train from City two weeks back. And, it was the same at the Kochi (Ernakulam) station platform too, which incidentally was milling with Ayyappa's ready to offer themselves as sacrificial goats.

Muralidhar Rao
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Station "audit" visit?

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We had attempted this in 2009, can try again. How about a visit to the station purely to note down the below-benchmark state of amenities and then highlight them via our blogs etc. I think photography is not allowed inside the stations, may have to take permissions beforehand for a publicized auditing visit.

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It seems to be a good idea, as how we did for TTMCs etc

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As Silkboard mentioned, it would be a good idea to visit city railways station and try to find the problems a common man will face while boarding a train or coming from a train.

We should start from the entering the station premises, car and bike parking, auto-taxi stand, is there any regulation or proper pre-paid or not or autos stll doing their "manmani", the overbridges or the sub-ways(once i have seen all flooded with water), stations, cleanliness, waiting rooms, and all the other things which as a common man has a right to get on a citi railways stations like Bangalore.


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anyone else, for station audit, Sanjeev?

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Those with kids, can bring them along, kids love trains & stations, option of bringing them along may make attending such a thing a bit easier for Prajegalu.

6-10 ppl would be good size, not a big "auditing" crowd, not too small to have one-sided opinions after the audit.

Sanjeev - since you are the resident expert, will cameras be allowed? If not, any way to get permission/pass to use camera?

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Count me in

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Silkboard, count me in for the audit visit to the city railway stations



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City Rly. Statation

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I am unable to join due to health problem.

I suggest that the 'audit' may start from the BMTC Bus station platform and proceed to the subway entrance and from there to the farthest Railway platform. Then a return walk to the starting point can be done.

Many interesting observations can be made including the time taken.


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I'll join too

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I'll join too

Muralidhar Rao
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Should we plan for 2nd or 3rd Sat of Feb

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We can plan during weekend on 12th or 19th Feb.  

It will take arround 2 Hrs to go arround the station to understand the Platforms conditions, Subway, Vechile parking infront of the station,  Rajajinagar Entrance & entrance from Magadi Road side.  Ticket counters for Current & Platform, Laggauge booking facility & others.

On Sat,  DRM's office is closed as Central Govt rules.  So we will not be able to meet him on weekends. But generally available upto 6PM  working days.

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19th Feb ?

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19th Feb good with all? Morning 8.30 am? Can take pictures/videos with phone-camera. Pathy sir, let us keep focus on station amenities only, entrance to ticket to platforms, and back

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Problems faced by people in City Station and Yeshwantpur Station

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Platform Nos 9 and 10 (common platform) very narrow.  After alighing from train, it is very difficult to locate the entrance for subway.  Many times people walk till the end of platform and cross the platform at a cement surface provided for trollyes.

Since number of trains starting from these two plaforms is more than any other platform in city one can see huge amout of parcels piled up at both the ends which obstructs the free movements of passengers.

Charts are displayed near the entrance to foot over bridge which is of very less use.  Because reaching that point is very difficult.  Secondly one will not be able to read the charts because many passengers move in front of the notice board and push the readers.

Entrance to foot over bridge is very narrow.

Aged people find it difficutl to use both underpass and foot over bridge.

Plaform No 1 looks very nice but very slippery during rainy days.



Once got down from Mangalore - Yeshwanthpur day time train around 7:30 PM.  I was trying to come out from the gate provided near Bangalore - Tumkur Road side.  Suddenly there was a power failure and noticed that there was not backup power supply.


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Hubli Station

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One of the member had asked about the stadard of Hubli Station.

About 3-4 weeks back a new, a news article appeared in a Kannada Paper (I am not sure whether it is Prajavani or Vijaya Karnataka).  The title was some thing "Hali Tappida Hubli Station" (meaning derailed Hubli station).  Article also carried a photograph of half completed Hubli staion.  In that article, it was mentioned that construction activity is not going on due to lack of funds.


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IR World Class stns standards

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For all those (such as me) who have wondered what standards IR envisaged in creating 'World class stations', detailed reads are available here.


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