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Lesson - Makeover of Lucknow's CBD street

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 Hazratganj, is the MG road of Lucknow – I visited recently since the wife is from Lucknow. I loved the old world feel of the city with its eco friendly cycle rickshaws, old stores, familiar bookstores etc – the cold north Indian December weather added to the “good feeling” but what really got me impressed was a brave project – the Hazrathganj makeover!

The state government along with support from the shopkeepers association got the city’s rusty, dirty and dilapidated shopping district’s main boulevard spruced up and that too all in 6 months!

Some key features; were uniform signage and painting of all buildings along the road. New barricaded pavements, Victorian street lamps, benches, fountains etc!

I wished we could see our lovely MG road get spruced up after  the metro work is done! What was nice was a realistic achievable and beautiful makeover that was completed fast and could be enjoyed by today’s citizens!

We seem to always have projects that are beyond the 5 year horizon and the feeling of being a part of something new should be in the mix while deciding on new projects. 



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MG Road Plans

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Your hopes were answered by BMRC recently. They made public a grand design for MG Road a few months ago (See MG Road Boulevard). Not sure how much of it will turn out to be a reality - but there sure is a dire need for such people centric places in Bangalore. Take a leisurely stroll, sit, chat, meet friends... whatever.

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Looks like Mayawati too can do some good

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All these in a Mayawati regime? Apparently, even as she's building a whole lot of grand edifices at huge cost, she's also doing some good work. Perhaps, this can be included amongst them. Better than a Laloo anyway.

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