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Alt Revenue for Lakes in Banglore

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There is a lake near Vemagal village of Kolar dist. That is under contract by a local village head.  He breeds catfish, rohu (carp) etc. It’s a beautiful serene place. I have visited this place often with friends and family to fish – Yes I love angling and in today’s times there are little or no places that allow legal angling. However, Mr. Krishnappa has found great way of making additional money. He gives you a day license to fish in this lake for just 200 rupees per person for a day!

There is a conservation twist as well – only two fish of any size can be taken home the rest are photographed and released back. Angling as a sport promotes this “catch and release” technique to help conserve local species. However smaller fish that are in plenty can be weighed and paid for if they go above your 200 rupees or given to the contractor since he is anyway in the business of selling fish.
Angling is a very calm sport that is wonderful time spent with family, friends and children in the outdoors. Today Bangalore even has a few retail outlets that also stock “angling gear”.
You are perhaps wondering Why all this gyan about angling on praja! Well I think it can be a great opportunity to create an additional revenue stream at no cost to the environment or nature if we can create awareness and promote such activities within Lakes in Bangalore. The contractors who lease out these lakes can continue to do so – but earn additional revenue!
Anglers are nature lovers and conservationist; they can be used to promote awareness and ensure our lakes are free from encroachment and will be ears for the authorities on lakes that are polluted with effluents.
Some pictures for you to visualize how lovely a day out like this can be!
Please share your comments and ideas on how we can make a beginning!


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I'm sorry but I dont seem to

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I'm sorry but I dont seem to be able to upload the pics!

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licence fisheries

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fishes clean lake too.. bbmp should licence(contract) lakes for fish cultivation.. let private people make money by renting fishing to individuals. govt/bbmp cant directly manage such things..

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agreeable sport

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@ Clive
Angling can certainly help conserve lakes. The Jungle Lodges resort at Bheemeswari also has some similar arrangement, if I understand correctly.

If you have a number of pictures, perhaps it would be better to upload them onto say Picasa, and provide a link here. If it's just one or two, it can be managed on the blog itself.

Muralidhar Rao
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Responsible angling and conservation

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The Jungle Lodges model has proven that angling can support conservation. Reminded me of this TED talk

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