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Praja for city of Chennai !!

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Dear members, wanted to share an update. We will soon be adding Chennai as a focus city on We are in the process of make technical changes and upgrades to have city specific landing page, and few more features.

While we go do that, civic issue enthisuasts, whether individuals, NGOs or activist groups from Chennai - you are most welcome to make use of Praja website to share your ideas, voice concerns, journal your activities and spread awareness about your pet local issues at Chennai.

Look forward to everyone's support to make the prime place for active citizens to network and collaborate!

Praja Admins


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Looking forward to ...

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Looking forward to getting some real, detailed and yes, geeky (!) insights into Chennai's issues. Welcome in advance to the new users from Chennai.

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Congratulations and best

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Congratulations and best wishes.

Visit, bookmark and read: 

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155 users have liked. is here, chennai folks should start posting their stuff.

Yes, need to do more work as the general arrangement of many pages on the site assumes bangalore. will work on things one by one, but as long as chennai posts are tagged properly (where -> chennai), anything is doable and possible.

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Tech, Congrats on Chennai Version fo Praja!

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Tech, Admin,

CONGRATS on launching Chennai Version of PRAJA.

One suggestion. To give a distinc identity, see if we can have a different Banner and also change the presentation layout.

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