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What happened to BRTS between Hebbal and Silkboard on outer ring road?

BRTS - A more buzzing word nowadays with most of the urban transport planners and educational institutions. IIT professors and Volvo marketing personnels are especially pushing this technology showing the cost benefits and ease of implementation. Bangalore MRTS plan contains a BRTS corridor from Hebbal to Silkboard along outer ring road. But, nothing is heard about that so far such as who is going to implement, is it going to be BOOT/BMTC owned etc. If at all if BRTS is confirmed on this part, then why delay? Ahmedabad, Pune, Delhi and Hyderabad are going for BRTS. In Pune, it has failed with different problems such as private vehicles entering the dedicated bus lanes. Most of the Pune based blogsites are now crying that Pune should have gone for a Sky Bus instead of normal bus since it will not occupy the space on the road. What will be the fate of Bangalore BRTS? There was a dedicated bus lane near hebbal flyover, but, now it is no more seen. Second half of outer ring road is planned for Mono. Should we go for a full circle mono? According to me yes. BRTS is for those cities where drivers of other vehicles are disciplined and respect the rules. I know most of you will say we want a full circle of metro on the ring road median. Isn't it? Even me too!! But cost?
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Source: The Hindu ( Dedicated bus corridor along ORR planned ) ... 36-km bus ride from Central Silk Board on Hosur Road to Hebbal flyover will take just an hour. ... BRT on ORR to be a Rs. 400 crore joint venture between BDA & BMTC. ... The bus corridor will have two dedicated lanes along the six-lane ring road. ... The corridor will mostly be alongside the median. ... specially-designed buses for the corridor as they will be ply at a higher speed than regular buses. ... authorities expect over 1 million commuters.* ... large residential developments in the corridor cited as a motivating factor for the project. ... BRT on ORR threatened due to the large number of inter-state trucks on ORR and a lack of plan to divert them. Even though the project is only on the drawing board, it seems to have run into problems as the dedicated corridor cannot be implemented if the large numbers of trucks using the ring road are not diverted. RITES and IDeC-KA working on a report to suggest measures to overcome the problem.** * the period over which the authorities expect 1 million commuters is not clear. ** can BMIC-PRR help?
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No Progress Yet on ORR BRT Corridor

I was thinking if the BRT corridor between Silkboard and Hebbal will happen ever. No news so far has been heard and it seems Government is afraid to take up BRT after seeing the Delhi issues. Ahmedabad's 'Janmarg' consultants could be used even here and lot of ideas can be taken from there.
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Vasanth, U/stand a feasibility Study was on by M/s IDeCK & prepared by RITES, according to presentation by Syed Zameer Pasha (BMTC) at the BMLTA summit. He also mentions that Rs.45 Lakh was paid by BMTC for study on 5th Aug 2006 - wonder if this was an error & should have read 5th Aug, 2008 ? We need to find out abt this study & what the status is at present. comment guidelines

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