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Lakes - BBMP/BDA spending

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After govt handed upkeep of some lakes from LDA to BWSSB, and in the midst of courts asking LDA to stop privatizing lakes (See Hindu news report, a victory for ESG and Leo, great show!), last week saw BBMP and BDA floating tenders for works on some lakes in south west bangalore. I caught two of them, there may be more coming. The ones I spotted go like this

BDA - for "restoration and development" of (link to tender):

  • Kothnur lake (Anjanapura layout), Rs 3.17 crores
  • Thalaghattapura lake (BSK VI stage), Rs 2.1 crores
  • Sompura lake (BSK VI stage), Rs 3.39 crores
  • Konasandra lake (BSK VI stage), Rs 5.47 crores

BBMP - for "comprehensive improvement" (no link, don't see them on tenderwizard, tender not there on BBMP website either)

  • Uttarahalli lake, Rs 71 lakhs
  • Nayandahalli lake, Rs 91.5 lakhs + fencing Rs 63.9 lakhs

I had two points of confusion through all of this

  • Newspaper reports say that BWSSB has now taken up the responsibility of developing lakes in and around Bangalore city. Does that mean BWSSB will be the nodal agency (since we see BBMP and BDA floating lake development work), or will BWSSB eventually own the lakes as well as the budget for their upkeep.
  • I couldn't help notice the difference in amounts mentioned by BBMP and BDA. Perhaps "restoration" costs more than "improvement", and explains the difference in amounts b/w BDA and BBMP.

Looks like Mr Katta S Naidu, our BWSSB minister is pretty active these days. Good going sir, we are all watching with interest.

PS: The interesting thing about LDA is - it was setup in response to a PIL requesting High Court's help to save state's lakes. And now we have a PIL questioning LDA, and govt literally trying to kill it.


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lighting on KRPURAM to ITPL road

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CSR and Bangalore's lakes

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Maybe Bangalore Inc, including the biggies of Bangalore Forum for IT, BCCI and others should think of spending more of their CSR on local infrastructure like Bangalore's lakes and parks. comment guidelines

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