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murali772's Statuses

amithpallavoor » murali772 This is regarding BMTC's monopoly. Late night transport is a joke. Would be great if we could talk around this. This is for a column. 9 years ago
amithpallavoor » murali772 Thanks! I still can't believe that some irrational idiots wrote to DVS asking him not to consider the proposal for Bangalore 9 years ago
blrpraj » murali772 are you referring to vkm and the BMTC stratified services topic? 10 years ago
Rachel May » murali772 Dear Mr. Rao, I'm a Harvard researcher working on an urban governance project this summer. I'd like to interview you. Contact info pls? 11 years ago
bobby » murali772 Dear Mr. Muralidhar Rao, I wish to discuss the matter relating to Karnanaka apartment ownership Act. Can i pl have your email and phone no.? 12 years ago

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