Cycle stand inauguration @ Airlines Hotel, Sunday May 12, 8.30a

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12 May 2013 08:30

We will be putting up a cycle stand at Airlines Hotel. Donated by Praja RAAG, and support from Airlines Hotel. In the sunday morning cycle ride tradition, the ribbon cutting will happen at 8.30 AM, at the venue  @

No. 4, Madras Bank Road,
Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar,
Bangalore, Karnataka 560001, India

PH: 080 2227 3786

Landmark - Next to Lavelle Rd BMW Showroom

Everyone is welcome, to this inauguration event, as well as Sunday morning cycle ride + breakfast tradition.


Congrats Sri, all the best!

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@srinidhi, great job in designing the cycle stand, and making this happen. Unfortunately, I am out of town this weekend, so will not be able to join. But the cycle stand is a start of something.

@das, @idontspam - you have been the cycling inspiration for many. cheers to you as well.

WIll be there, on my cycle as

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WIll be there, on my cycle as usual at 7:30 for our breakfast ride. Formal vote of thanks to Diwakar Rao of Airlines hotel will be done when he gets in around 8:30. Unlike politicians stand will be usable from the moment its installed either today or tomorrow by Srinidhi and will not wait for any ribbon cutting.

Address and Exact Location?

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Pls provide the Address and exact loaction with some land mark.


Next to lavelle road BMW

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Next to lavelle road BMW showroom towards st marks rd

The location

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Here is the location in Shantala Nagar. Click - 1 . For google hybrid Click - 2 The Bowring club is on the Other side of the road of the hotel;.


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It is motorized vehicle, but powered through Solar/Grid combination. (Semi-Clean resource)  And my comparison  shows its next best to bicycle.

Well, I am planning to have a sticker on my eBike.

"Bicycle is the best, I am next"

Any other good tag lines, catching ones? Thanks in advance and sorry for intruding in this thread ;)

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"

Some pictures..

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Here are some pictures from the inaguration..

The above picture is of the manager Chandrashekhar Rao cutting the ribbon..Deepak R, Ravi D, Sridhar Pabbisetty, VVR, Srinidhi look on

Above pic is just before cutting

Group foto with Das and few folks from 'Runners for life'