Train, solution to traffic woes?

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 Another route that is largely unheard of is the 67 km Yeshwantpur- Hosur rail route. Starting at the Yeshwantpur station, the passenger train stops at six stations on the way helping commuters skip the maddening traffic in the northern and eastern parts of the city.  Covering Banaswadi, Bellandur Road and Karmelaram, this train is a rather cheap, convenient mode of transport for commuters traversing the length and breadth of the city every day.

Good article on how simple solution for worst traffic is neglected is depicted clearly in the article.  Its again SWr officer sitting in A/C cabin not knowing the ground reality how the YH-1 & YH-2 services  are running with full capacity.

With DPR for Commuter Rail Bangalore  is getting into shape,  things will change once SPV falls in place soon.

Also Bangalore elected representative & public are to blame as if the METRO & BMTC will solve the complet problem issues of BBMP region. 



from hy2

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Read this and replying while sitting in hy2. It is really convinient traveling 15 km in 15min from belandur to banaswadi if u take last mile connectivity problem as opportunity to exercise. More cleanliness and punctuality will attract more people. Already 7 of my colleagues have become regular commuters. Lets plan for one more meeting on board sometime. Sanjay

Hosur to Bangalore

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These are trains from between Hosur and Bangalore These trains have stops in Carmelram

Is DPR work in progress?

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Is DPR work in progress? Any ETA on completion?


Commuter Rail - Quick win ??

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I appreciate the work done by Praja members and others for a commuter rail and I positively think this is a definite need for Bangalore and its suburbs.

However I also think that the idea needs a quick win to get the momentum and motivation going. Plus to quickly demonstrate the usefulness of the solution. So keeping this in mind, I propose this ( Simple, Measurable, Achievable target !!!) :

One station to be constructed at Mahadevpura/ Marathahalli ( between Byp'halli and Bellandur ).


1. Marathahalli to Yeswantpur travel becomes a breeze.

2. Can get local support from the Marathahalli / Kundanahalli and nearby residents. Local support of residents mean pressure on the Local MLA/ MP to get this done.

3. Simple to explain to local people ( 20 minutes to Yeswantpur !! ). Easy to organise local RWA's to drum up support.

More commuters --> More trains eventually.

We may get the Whitefield/ Mahadevpura/ Marathahalli IT companies to sponsor the station. It may not cost more than 2-3 crores maximum to construct a station and do the signalling/ loop lines etc.

What do you all think?

A facebook page should be

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A facebook page should be created for banglore commuter rail, so that more people will know and many teechies and IRFCAns working in banglore who are already using the existing services will also join hands and help our praja team.


What do you all think?I

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What do you all think?

I think its worth a shot, the MLA/MP approach & the steps you have thought through is good. Along with the station do insist on a couple of more trips during peak hour. We can meet on the train sometime in december if many are interested.

Just so you all know DULT/IDD had tried to increase the trips in this segment along with others but SWR came up with a schedule for 2 rakes which was all over the place & filling gaps in their timetable. So we are pinning hopes on the DPR to get an entire system on all segments in place. Since we are not involved in the details we wont know how it turns out until it actually comes out.