New Halt stations

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Commuter Rail

As we have seen 3 Halt station coming up  during last  5 Years in Bangalore : Hoody by MP PC MOhan, Krishandevaraya Halt station by Ananthkumar,  Airport Halt Station by BIAL Managment

We have seen how these are benifitiing people / commuters

On the same line we should get following Halt stations as Main Suburban Rail under SPV will take time to put infrastructure  

Halt stations



small amount reqd and less time

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These halt stations can be built at small cost of Rs 2-4 Crore under MPLAD funds

Can be built in 4-6 months time and existing services can be given halt of 1 Min

Its only DRM / GM can give approval and MPs need to agree for giving MPLAD funds

Airport Halt station by Jan 2020 more services required

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Hope SWR will introduce more exclusive services for Airport timing and travell